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This Saturday!

If you are looking for a good date-night idea…
If you like music, and want to watch some of the best musicians in the Atlanta Christian scene…
If you like worship music and want to sing your lungs out-loud…
If you believe in the importance of supporting youth in their faith-in-action idea…
If you want to make a difference in a practical way supporting a good cause…
If you want to indulge your stomach with delicious food…and need a good excuse…
If you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Christian, Atheist, pet-lover, cat-hater, shy or outgoing.. (or any other group I may have missed)…

Or.. If you have nothing to do this Saturday…

…come join us!


Cocert– Mark “Moxie Davis” Gibson of Northpoint’s Buckhead Church,
– Trey McKnight of Northpoint’s Gwinnett Church,
– Shannon Cochran and Jon Poole of Echoing Angels,
– Ryan Brooks of Graystone Churchand many more

Saturday January 19, 6:00Pm (Doors open at 5:30) @ Graystone Church (1551 Ozora Road Loganville, GA 30052)

Tickets will be sold for $10 at the door

A silent auction will be held and baked goods will be sold as well. This concert, auction and baked goods sales all benefits the family of Jason Brooks hosted by Chestnut Grove Baptist church youth ministry: Lifehouse. All proceeds to benefit healthcare costs of the Brooks family. Please come and support.



You’ve heard the saying: “You can’t please everyone!” –well, I think this album can.

REM meets Spurgeon”…

Crowder and Caedmon’s Call with a taste of Europe”…

The Waiting mixed with Journey “… 80’s keyboards mixed with 21st century rap… epic… powerful…profound…

“modern sounds meet fundamental theology”…

“The contemporary and the retro converge into a unison declaration of call to action”…

These are just some of the phrases that went through my mind as I had the privilege to preview the new Matt Papa’s CD “This Changes Everything”, to be released, August 2nd. [Watch previous here]

In a nutshell, I would say it is:

–       A perfect balanced combination between the old and the new sounds of music (‘Our Sovereign God‘, ‘One Thing’,’Jesus Is Lord’ and ‘The Lord Is a Warrior -feat. Shai Linne).

–       An uncompromised expression of the traditional fundamental theological values of the last century, expressed through a post-modern challenge of the religious status quo (‘It Is Finished’, ‘This Changes Everything’, ‘What Are We Waiting For’, and ‘Stay Away From Jesus’).

–       A subtle blend between reverence for the sacred and rebellion against meaningless traditions (‘O Fount Of Love’, ‘Amen’, and ‘Stay Away From Jesus’).

If you are a worship leader looking for new material for Sunday morning, you will find lots of great ideas in this cd.
If you like music to ‘just listen to’ while you read or relax, you will like this album.
If you enjoy meaningful, poetic, deep lyrics that challenge your creative introspection of life, you will find this production very provoking and inspiring.
If you are a rocker at heart and –like me, banged your head at the beat of the 80’s and 90’s long haired dude bands, you will like this album’s classic –yet original approach to hard-bit.
If you get inspired with battle cries for victory, heavy electric guitars and solemn epic calls to action in a practical relevant way of living, you will definitely get some goose bumps hearing this masterpiece.
If you are into more alternative lyrics and sounds that are ‘cool’ while carrying some message, guess what!, this is for you.
If you looooove Spurgeon, Wesley, Finney and the great theologians of old and you find yourself missing some of their depth in today’s Christian musical renditions, I can guarantee you, you will be pleasantly surprised with this production.

Some of my favorite lines and sounds:

–      Our Sovereign God’: will make you feel almost invincible!
–      It Is Finished: One of my favorites. “Hell was silenced when You cried It is Finished”; “The earth shook and trembled , the sun bowed it’s head…the keys of the kingdom were placed into hands of children and priests and of fishers of men…”
–      This Changes Everything’: Another great one. “did I miss something? was I not supposed to cry? did they hear the preacher, “Jesus is alive”?…”
–       ‘What Are We Waiting For: “He says Go, take the news to every nation, We say no, you know I just don’t feel called…so what are we waiting for? A message in the sky? A miracle, a sign from up above, is not His word enough?…”
–      Have I Forgotten’: Great music masterpiece that plays with the slow and powerful
–      Stay Away From Jesus’: “So if you want a comfy life, if your works are good enough, if in control you have to stay, if you’re happy in your stuff and if 10%’s enough, Stay away from Jesus”
–      The Lord Is a Warrior (feat. Shai Linne)’: Great epic song –anther favorite, hat combines heavy sound with a rap bridge; very cool indeed!
–      O Fount Of Love’: An awesome hymn that I had never heard but came to love since I heard it first while visiting Summit RDU
–       The Glory Of God’: Powerful lyrics, cool sound and at the end, the music and choruses in the background as you hear some preacher making some powerful statements (John Piper I believe), you got to hear it!!

To buy the album please click here from itunes, Amazon or at Matt Papa’s website.

Other reviews for this album:

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“I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people.” Psalm 35:18

You have seen them; perhaps you have been one of them. The ‘crazy’ sports fans who paint their faces and bodies in their team’s colors and shout during the game until they have no voice left. You have to really be a fanatic of the cause to actually express your excitement in front of so many people, don’t you think?.

Well, that seems to be the case of David as he writes about his will and desire to give thanks to God in front of the “great assembly” and “among many people”.
What would our time’s equivalent of “great assembly” and “among many people” be? That’s right! When we, as Christians, gather together on Sunday morning to ‘worship’. Why is it that it’s so difficult for so many of us to freely express our excitement for God when we are at church?. It is not because it is forbidden by God. In fact, in the book of Psalms alone, we are commanded, encouraged, given the freedom to, or at least, given the example of: singing loud (50+ times), shouting with joy (20+ times), using instruments, clapping, raising hands, kneeling down, dancing, etc.

I wonder if the source of David’s desire and intention to praise God with such freedom at all times (34:1-2; 35:9, 27-28; 37:4) -even in the midst of the congregation, is found in these chapters –and perhaps we can follow the same patterns to actually discover the freedom and joy of thanking Him with our hearts and bodies, for what He has done for us:

– David experienced and acknowledged that God hears when we pray. (34:4, 6, 15, 17)
– David experienced and acknowledged that God delivers when we trust and rest in Him. (34:8, 17; 36:7; 37:3, 5, 7, 23-24)
– David experienced and acknowledged that God protects us. (34:20; 37:24)
– David experienced and acknowledged that God gives salvation (34:22; 35:3)

This weekend, whether Saturday or Sunday at church, GET READY FOR IT -PREPARE YOURSELF!! … experience, acknowledge and then, give Him praise among many people -like you mean it!!

This week marks the first year anniversary of Thoughts With Accent.  As I shared  on the very first entry, it started at the suggestion of my wife to better share thoughts (with accent  🙂 ), as opposed to Notes on Facebook.

Since then, I have written about personal topics such the typical “about me“, my cologne , my travels , lost friendships, and even famous people I’ve met. Holidays, politics and some music have also been topics of discussion.

I have likewise enjoyed considering serious issues in Christian life like judgingconflict devotional life, and “coincidences” from the Bible.


After 1 year, 90 posts and 15,000 viewers, these were the most viewed, linked, re-tweeted and/or recommended by readers:

1st-year’s top 5 most  viewed, linked, re-tweeted and/or recommended blog entries:

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1. Born Identity



Happy 4th of July!!

I’m thankful that I rarely have to work on weekends. This past weekend was one of the few weekends I work all year. Although being out of town on a weekend means missing time with my bride, my kids and my church family, I took advantage of my time away.  Since my assignment was in Fort Bragg, NC, I visited some family -whom I had never met.

A few months ago, I met Raudel at a church planters conference and, this weekend, I had the opportunity to visit his church, Summit Church, in Raleigh NC. On Saturday, I visited their Spanish service, and it was awesome!. At times I felt very emotional b/c it reminded me of my old church back in Colombia, where I attended as I grew up and through my teenage years. There is something about singing and talking with people who speak your language, know your customs, and who like the same food you do. (I imagine that is what Heaven is going to be like). Though we lived in different cities, we worshiped the same Father; we were family though we had never met.

On Sunday, I went to Summit Church and worshiped in the new BC South auditorium where Matt Papa led worship -it was just awesome! Again, there is something about hundreds of  -mostly college-age people, coming together to listen to good, solid Bible teaching and giving themselves freely away in worship.  Then J.D. Greear gave a fantastic message that you may want to check-out (click here). A little apologetics surrounded with good fundamental doctrine, covered with lots of application and fun stuff; way to preach the Gospel in today’s day and age!

Finally, and with all that, undoubtedly, what marked the weekend for me in a strange  and  profound way, was singing with Summit this new song from Matt Papa called “It is Finished”. Nothing particularly new in terms of theology or wording. However, the way the lyrics are put together or the way it was performed… or something, made it an almost inexplicable moment of personal worship experience. You can buy it here; in the meantime, check out this video, and get ready!:

Las night I had the opportunity to rock it again with Angela at the Hillsong concert as we celebrated her 29th Birthday… (again :))

At some point when the music was slow and the ­moment was one of less shouting and more ‘adoration’, I started to wonder.. and commented to her:  “We Christians are weird, aren’t we?”.

Seriously, we are! If you saw what I was seeing –which may be you can see at your church every Sunday –it can be a bit creepy -especially for people who are not church goers. ‘Christians’ closing their eyes in an almost-fainting look, raising their hands to the roof, singing to the top of their lounges about some ancient character’s blood etc etc. But, It doesn’t stop there. Old men, teenagers, young ladies, all ages and colors and styles, all jumping up and down saying “take it all” and screaming:”Jesus!!” What a crazy crowd!

Nevertheless, these wise words came from my beautiful bride who answered: “we are all weird, Christians and non-Christians”. She continued elaborating on her thought that everyone is weird and crazy to their own things…
We Christians sing and shout as a response to what Jesus did; a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people…
Some others shout and scream as a response to what their football team did.
Some others scream and lift their hands after closing that huge deal.
Some others lift their hands and give their heart to the one who gives them some love.
Some others will give their hearts and minds to a career, a political party, a goal, a philosophy a something.

Perhaps not everyone last night was ‘worshiping’. …worship is not music anyway; music is a way to express worship; worship is, in a sense, the ‘what’ or ‘how’ you do what you do, for the ‘who’ or ‘what’ that drives you, the object of who you are, what occupies your mind and time and worries and resources and money the most, the reason why we do what we do, particularly the craziest things we do.

Who or what do you worship?

Top 10 songs of 2010

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Music

We watch music videos on t.v. all day.  We listen to music in the van, in my car, we are a music family…. so…

Here is the Top 10 songs played at the Valenzuela house in 2010:


10. Your Love Never Fails – Chris Quilala / Jesus Culture

9. Jesus is My Superhero – H-Kids

8. Today is The Day – Lincoln Brewster (Gabriel’s favorite)

7. Your Name High – Hillsong United (Carmen’s favorite)

6. Movin’ – Group1Crew

5. The One Who Saves – Hillsong (I saw them live this year)

4. Forgive Me – Group1Crew (Angie’s favorite)

3. Undivided – Hillsong United

2. Music – Manic Drive


…and the most played, sung and danced by the family:

1. NY2LA – PressPlay