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This week marks the first year anniversary of Thoughts With Accent.  As I shared  on the very first entry, it started at the suggestion of my wife to better share thoughts (with accent  🙂 ), as opposed to Notes on Facebook.

Since then, I have written about personal topics such the typical “about me“, my cologne , my travels , lost friendships, and even famous people I’ve met. Holidays, politics and some music have also been topics of discussion.

I have likewise enjoyed considering serious issues in Christian life like judgingconflict devotional life, and “coincidences” from the Bible.


After 1 year, 90 posts and 15,000 viewers, these were the most viewed, linked, re-tweeted and/or recommended by readers:

1st-year’s top 5 most  viewed, linked, re-tweeted and/or recommended blog entries:

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1. Born Identity



Happy 4th of July!!


About me count-down

Posted: June 30, 2010 in introduction

10 years in United States
9 watches
8 years married
6 guitars
5 weeks from 1st date until engagement
4 languages
3 precious-smart-fun little kids
2 times born
1 woman owns my heart
0 regrets about following Jesus

After much consideration and recommendations from my wife, I have a blog. Perhaps she is right; perhaps this is a better way to share thoughts (with accent :)), as opposed to Notes on Facebook.

but …. Now What?

Who will read it?

What will I write first?

What rewards will I give away for the 10,000th comment?

How do I link it to my Facebook?

What am I doing up at 3am?……