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Inspired by the Chick-fil-A Appreciation day, and the many interesting –and some very ridiculous comments I’ve read today, I state:

Making publicly known upfront that:

  1. I like steak way more than chicken
  2. Although I don’t like biscuits, they had run out of burritos this morning and therefore, I had a chicken biscuit for breakfast.
  3. I firmly believe Starbucks coffee is much better than the Chick-fil-A counterpart (in spite of Starbucks -not just management philosophical expressions, but the company’s active participation in liberal agendas that I don’t agree with)
  4. I know personally many fine young men and women who have been given great opportunities by the Chicken food company at the center of this argument

The meat
I want to categorically and unequivocally state that:

  1. I am participating in the Chick-fil-A Appreciation day NOT because of religious reasons, as I believe that:
    • It is impossible to transform society, bring salvation, make people holy or change people’s behaviors by legislation, rules, prohibitions, law or chicken burritos (Although I will admit that not having a chicken burrito can change my behavior a bit)
    • Although I have personally chosen accept the Bible to be inspired by a superior extra-human mind we call God, and I have chosen to submit to what He gives me as directives of life and conduct for my own good, I understand many others have not chosen to accept such believe and therefore are both free to do what they want (within legal boundaries) and liable for their own choices before God (that is, if God and the Bible are legit)
    • I can affect and transform society more effectively by loving my wife and kids, respecting the laws of the land, showing love and mercy to others, giving my time and resources to service and ultimately telling others what I believe, why I believe it and how that belief has transformed -and daily affects my life.
    • If one person is persecuted for standing for and doing what God demands, There is not much I can help with –by eating a chicken sandwich. God will take care of protecting and blessing that person. –and that type of situation is inevitably going to be more and more prevalent and common our times
  1. Instead, I am choosing to go all-chicken today, because of political reasons, as I believe that:
  • We live in a free market society and as a consumer I can chose who I give my money to, and since I have to eat today anyway, I may as well give it to a company that is clean and neatly run and also gives lots to charity endeavors both nationally and regionally but also locally to the store level –of which I have been benefactor of.
  • The people of Chick-Fil-A have the right to believe whatever they want and since they have not broken any laws (i.e. unfair hiring, disrespect to employees or customers etc), they have been victims of an unfair attack agenda (from the political and democratic stand point). If I expressed what I believe –without breaking any law, and my business were attacked with lies and other maneuvers such the one we’ve seen against CFA, I would appreciate and welcome support as well.

I am me, and I approve this statement!


What would you do with 300 million?

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Humor, Life

Ever find yourself daydreaming with “What would I do with 300 million?”. In case you were wondering, I have, and this is my action plan:

– Since the amount before taxes is about $500 million and my first fruits are to go back to God, my church would be happy to receive at least a $50 million tithe check; down to $450 million.
Taxes off the total amount come to be about $200 million; down to $250 million.
Dave Ramsey would suggest saving 10% or 20% for future and retirement –but, who needs $25 million for retirement?. Let’s put… hhmm $5 million down for retirement investment to live off the rest of our lives (that should give us $100k a year to live very comfortable the next 60 years); down to $245 million
– Let’s say I go crazy buying a new house, a house at the beach (to let Jonathan use it for vacations); new cars (no, not Mercedes, normal cars …); down to hhmm, let’s say $244 million….

Now what?

–  May be funding 500 church planters and missionaries for the next 5 years?
–  May be funding the adoption of 8,000 orphans?
–  May be funding 5,000 low-income-high-achieving students to go to college?

At any rate, I am not buying the lotto –I doubt it is a good statistical strategy.

The chances you will get murdered in USA: 1 in 8,000
The chances of dating a super-model: 1 in 88,000 (Although I got that one… and I married her)
The chances of being stroke by lightening: 1 in 576,000
The chances of an American male being Tom Cruise: 1 in 150,000,000
The chances of winning the 500 MegaMillons: 1 in 176,000.000

Instead, I can spend the money of a ticket on a nice dinner with my wife.

Who knows? Maybe I wouldn’t have the self-discipline to be a good steward of $300million. For now, I need to be a good steward of what I have –like my job (by the way, I am in a conference call right now just in case you wondered :))

Enough time wasted, back to work… In the meantime, how would you spend $300 million?

[Updated 3/06/2012 12:00pm]

From my personal point of view, and very limited knowledge, my choices of vote for the GOP presidential primary election on Tuesday 6th are:

  1. Mr. Gingrich: A candidate that has a poor past personal life [but I believe in forgiveness and second chances], a very rich job experience, a very admirable package of eloquence, vision, and ideas to fundamentally change things; but a questionable ability to attract the ultimate deciders of the presidential election in November: the 20% independent votes. [My choice]
  2. Mr. Santorum: A candidate that has an impeccable past personal life, an average job experience, a very conservative rhetoric, but a highly questionable ability to attract the ultimate deciders of the presidential election in November: the 20% independent votes.
  3. Mr. Romney: A candidate that has an impeccable past personal life, a relatively rich job experience but also questionable legislative and ideological past lenient to the center which happens to make him potentially able to attract the ultimate deciders of the presidential election in November: the 20% independent votes (or lose them all with the 40% Democrat as there is not much distinction with current philosophies).
  4. Mr. Paul: A candidate that has an impeccable past personal life, a very rich job experience, a very admirable package of eloquence, vision, and ideas to very fundamentally change things; a high capability to attract the ultimate decides of the presidential election in November, the 20% independent votes –but also the likelihood of losing part of the 40% Republicans…and the war on terror 🙂

…which one would you choose?

Murdoch vs Soros

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Humor, Politics

In just a matter of minutes both major news networks published coincidentally opposite stories.. I just thought it was kind of funny…

Monday February 27th, 12:40pm

In this corner: conservative Rupert Murdoch’s headline:

In this corner: Liberal George Soros’ headline:

…And in the middle: We the people!

What my friends think I do…

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Humor

what my friends think I do...

When things go wrong…

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Humor, Life, Me and God, The Bible

How ridiculous is to consider one looking at him/herself in the mirror and then to walk away and forget what one looks like?

In as much as it sounds silly, this is one of many funny –yet thought provoking lines that the Bible uses to make us consider real life and how we are to face it.

The last few weeks, we (men’s group) have been studying the book of James and have come to the conclusion that any and every adverse circumstance we face in life (i.e. “when things go wrong”) is both a “furnace” that tests our faith, and an opportunity to grow. See, I think James intentionally uses the same word for ‘trials’ and ‘temptations’ lumping them together to describe all of those situations that, independently of the cause, can seemingly bring growth into our lives. From the guy who cut me off in traffic, through losing my job, to getting cancer; from the temptation to say a little lie to the chance to have an affair, James 1 seems to echo 1 Peter 1:6-7’s description of a furnace that purifies and tests our faith as gold. Although these trials and temptations don’t really strengthen our faith, they do show how real our faith and trust in God is. The more challenges we go through successfully, the more ‘consistent’ we become and grow into maturity.


But, how do we attain that success of going through trials and temptations victoriously? I believe James gives us the answer:
(a) ask God for wisdom to see how He sees the situations and how we are to see them and act through them.
(b) Don’t waste time in complaining, blaming and hurting others or arguing with God. Instead, listen to His Word, look intently, consider, dig, receive and believe what the Bible says about who you are in Christ and what He promises for you
(c) Don’t just read or say but ACT upon it. Don’t just read that you are forgiven, loved, accepted, blessed, justified, strong enough to face temptations etc, but make decisions that proof that you really believe in what God said. If you don’t, you will be the silly one who forgot his image from the mirror. If you do dig into the word and believe and continue in it, “you will be blessed in what you do“. Much like in video games, you will pass into the next level -you will successfully pass the test into maturity. 

If GOP candidates were preachers…

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Humor, Politics

Mitt Romney would be an Episcopalian:
Nice guy, clean cut and kind-of-preppy look, he appeals to the wealthy and educated; he is supposed to be a conservative but some claim of him to have a lot of liberal tendencies.


Newt Gingrich would be a Faith Movement preacher:
white hair, strong personality, sometimes he looks stern and strict. He believes and challenges people to have “big ideas”, “big dreams”; “anything is possible…”, “there is no limit”.


Rick Santorum would be a Southern Baptist: Nice guy, calm and collected and very conservative. Always dressed up –or wearing a vest.

Ron Paul
would be a Fundamental Evangelical: older and always dressed up with classic suits and ties, he knows the foundational book in its original form – cover to cover, quotes it, brings it up in any conversation and anything and everything always goes back to the funding book. He wants to follow the book at all costs. His followers seem to be the most passionate and obstinate about what they believe.