About this blog & Luis

This blog is the most advanced think-tank for complex politics, high and controversial theology,the latest in music, intricate personal relationships and opinions about any other difficult matter or topic related to human beings…. Or not…Ok, perhaps this is just going to be another meaningless irrelevant channel of expression of ‘someone’ on the web; at least I can promise one thing: You will be able to almost sense, feel and figuratively speaking, hear my interesting Latin accent :)On the personal side, I consider myself the luckiest guy ever. Great wife, great kids, great friends, great job, great life. I work for a government contractor in satellite communications.I believe that no matter what each person’s philosophy may be about politics, religion, entertainment and food, we should all be able to live peacefully, enjoy life and respect each other. Each decision we make builds the tomorrow each of us will face; we reap what we sow. Man’s success is not dictated by where he is at, but by how far he has come.Finally, I have found, and come to conclude, that the sum of evidences –conclusive or inconclusive, that support the historicity and trustworthiness of the Bible, the viability of its claims, the existence of God, the life of Jesus two thousand years ago, and the possibility of the supernatural -as described in the Bible, make altogether a far more reasonable argument and provide a more plausible explanation to why we exist, where we come from and where we are going to, than any other alternatives.At worst, if my choice of believing these conclusions is ultimate wrong, I will live and die hopefully having done mostly well to myself, to my family and to the people around me and, even when I mess up, I will reap the benefits of looking at the brighter side of things. My life at the end will be no more than a happy men trying to do good, who chose to believe a lie and went to the grave not knowing. At best, if my choice of believing this conclusions is ultimate right, I will live and die having done well to myself, to my family and to the people around me –both for this life and for eternity. Also, I will live knowing that even when I mess up -and in spite of my mistakes, somehow God can use that for good. My life at the end will be not only a happy men trying to do good, but just a tiny little while, compared to the incomprehensible wonderful and inexplicable life that will await me on the other side of eternity.I kind of like the odds of my choice

My ‘doctrinal’ background: I am truly non-denominational. I was born in a Catholic family. Soon after, as I grew up in a Catholic society, my parents became Christian (protestant evangelical) and thus I grew up as a Christian. In my teenage years, I turned to Catholicism and even pursued being a priest (yeah, imagine that!). Thankfully, after much reading and studying the Catholic system, my deep desires to one day be married and have kids, got enlightened and relieved by reading 1 Timothy 4  and then I understood that God really didn’t want me to give up on family, if I wanted to serve Him. It was then that i was invited to a Pentecostal church where I technically and officially accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Towards my 20’s, I joined and serve actively in a Charismatic church, and then studied, listened to, read, and sat, throughout the following 10+ years, under the teaching of, and somehow participating, in churches of all tendencies: Baptist, Traditional Anglican, Wesleyan, center, Reformed, and non-denominational –with all the flavors they come in. i have learned a great deal from all spectrums of Christianity and have come to the conclusion that all denominations got something right; I have the suspicion that many denominations might not be quite right on other issues, and a few are definitively off on others -but I’m still learning.

My life in numbers:

15 years in United States
12 watches
12 years married
10 years at my current job
6 guitars
5 weeks from 1st date until engagement
4 languages
3 precious-smart-fun little kids
2 times born
1 woman owns my heart
0 regrets about following Jesus

  1. Mike Miller says:

    It was your scary admonition, “Don’t read the Bible this year” that drew me in. Very clever! And the post made very good sense. Thank you!

    I have begun a 217 day post adventure of commenting on the book of Proverbs. “217?” you say. Yes, 31 chapters times the 7 months that have 31 days.in the coming year. If you have time, I would sure appreciate any comments you might have about my blog. Thank you, Mike

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