A huge thing: You have a gift.

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Evangelism, Leadership, Life, love, Me and God, Me and people, The Bible, The Church

From time to time I study something that brings me to the conclusion it is the most important thing.

A few months ago, I read (actually, I listened to) ‘Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge’ and all of the sudden my life was centered on prayer. I realized and experience how often and how certainly does God answer my and other’s prayers. From small requests like healing my wife’s eye, to bigger things like providing for a vacation trip or using my mom to speak the truth of God to a group or witchcraft-involved people. I started to be intentional in when and how I pray and journal how God responds. I am not exaggerating by saying my life changed.

Last year, I studied the book of Revelation and The End Times.  Similarly, I was convinced that a top priority for Christians and for me personally, was to understand what the Bible says about the end times, the different interpretations and opinions, and to really experience deeply the conviction that Jesus is soon coming back to take me home. Besides and more important that the ‘knowledge’ of facts, times, prophecies and such, this awareness brought great continuous joy and peace in the face of small and big life troubles, ease to deal with my shortcomings, and it even taught me some humility and appreciation for those who lean towards interpretations that up until that point, I didn’t understand or had discarded as wrong. What a study that was!.

I could go on and on; evangelism, missions, church planting, salvation by grace (Romans), the life of Jesus (the Gospels), worship and the book of Palms, and a few other studies, have made a huge impact in my life in the last few years.

And 2013 is not the exception. Guess what!!, The Gifts of the Spirit is my new thing!!

For the last few weeks I’ve studied, listened to, read, asked, thought and prayed about this topic, and once again my life has been forever affected.

Do you realize that The Gifts of The Spirit is not a nebulous, mysterious, mystical doctrine for weird people, but the way God intended for you to enjoy church life and be good at it?

Do you realize that, in the same -and even greater way (John 14:12), that Jesus did awesome things, you and I as Christians have been empowered to do? While Jesus walked on earth He did miracles, changed lives, spoke wisdom and hope, healed, organized, prayed and did all sort of miraculous and very practical things –but just to a relatively small group of people in limited geographical area. However, He wants to continue doing such things –and even greater, through His new body, the church, you and me –believers in Jesus. –not just in Israel, but all around the world, not just to a few thousands, but to millions and millions of people.

He reached with the gospel a few. Some might say 12, maybe 120, maybe 20,000. But now we, as His body, His hands and feet, can reach the whole world.

He was the ultimate Apostle –the sent-one by God, but now, many of us have His entrepreneur spirit and ability to connect with other cultures and bring them to Jesus.

He was The Word of God in a human body, but now, many of us have an ability given by Him, to speak His words of hope into people’s lives, words of salvation, encouragement  and restoration to bring the dead back to spiritual life in Jesus.

He was called ‘Rabbi’ (teacher), and many of us now have a God-given supernatural –yet natural ability to process information, teach complex concepts in a simple way and a love for learning and giving that knowledge to others, leading them to Christ.

He served us and gave it all for us, and now many of us have an outstanding unique ability to joyfully give of our time, treasures and talents –and often get even more back.. to give more out… to direct people to Christ

He felt compassion for the multitudes, and many of us can truly connect and empathize with the hurting, the poor, and the weak, in a way that really comforts them and leads them to Christ

Some are great at organizing and love sticky notes. Others love doing things for others and stay behind the scenes, others enjoy cooking and having guests and great parties. Some seem to have a gigantic faith and seemingly God answers any of their prayers. IT’S ALL FROM GOD, FOR GOD!!


When you were born you received human abilities. When you were born again, you received powerful spiritual abilities. Things that you looooove doing, that you are very good at doing, that you enjoy doing, that keep you up at night and you would do even on your birthday. God gave us all at least one gift for the good of the church and to bring others to Him

May we all identify our gifts, enhance them and put them to good use for the benefit of the church and to do what Jesus did. You will kill frustration and live in the excitement of a fulfilled Christian life –as God intended.


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