It is finished!

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Holidays, love, Me and God, The Bible, The Church

“It is Finished”. (Matt Papa)

Once and for all, You offered up Your life
For one and all The perfect sacrifice
Atoning blood was shed, Love conquered when You said…

It is finished It is done, To the world salvation comes
Hallelujah, we’re alive! Hell was silenced when You cried:
It is finished, It is finished

Who is this king, Who is this king, So mighty and so strong
He is the one, He is the one, The earth has waited for
God’s remedy for sin, With mercy for all men

Well the earth shook and trembled, The sun bowed it’s head
The veil of the temple was open for men, As Jesus went down in the cold of the grave
Defeated the darkness when He overcame, The keys of the Kingdom were placed into hands
Of children and priests and of fishers of men, Through all generations His voice will be heard
Creation resounds the victorious words!

It is finished…



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