The one thing most Christians agree and can celebrate together

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Holidays, Me and God, Me and people, The Church, Uncategorized

In a purely human way, the term ‘Christian’ is a label either (a) given to people perceived to follow Christ, or (b) claimed by those who –in their interpretation, follow Christ.

With that in mind, there is a wide variety of Christians.

There are Christians who claim The Bible is the one and only source of authority. Other Christians claim there are other equally authoritative books and sources.

There are Christians who believe the Bible is inspired, literal, inerrant, and infallible. Others, that it is metaphorical and subject to culture and times context.

Some Christians hold to the idea that only those who believe, accept and obey Jesus by repentance and life change, can be saved. Others argue that, at the end, everybody will be saved.

Some Christians believe it is OK to have loud music with neon lights and PowerPoint presentations in church. Others are OK with music but only hymns. Others believe any kind of music in church is sinful and only sing a cappella.

Some Christians believe speaking in tongues is an evidence of salvation. Others believe it’s acceptable for some but not mandatory. Others will argue that speaking in tongues is a sign of demon possession.

Some Christians believe love is exemplified by accepting -and even supporting other people’s sin. Some others adhere to the idea that you can love without supporting their sin. Some say that the best and most loving thing to do is to show love by making people aware of what sin is, showing its dangers and guiding people to repentance. Others say that there is pretty much no sin at all.

Some Christians are against same-sex marriage. Some Christians state that homosexuality is a sin, but are OK with non-believers enjoying the social and civil benefits of marriage. I have even read of Christians who argue that Jesus condoned and justified male-male sexual intercourse.

Some Christians may agree with this post, in that there is a vast variety of interpretations and beliefs. Others will label me as heretic (believe me, I already have this week).

We could go on and on describing hundreds and thousands of issues in which Christians disagree. Some perhaps critical; some maybe inconsequential. Who is right and who is wrong?. It is hard to believe that everyone is right when many of these positions are so diametrically opposed to each other. I would think that one day we will know, when God will judge everyone according to what we have done.  I would think God is big enough and just enough to give to each of us according to whether we followed a belief out of honest misunderstanding, or just as an excuse to justify our own pleasures and desires. That is of course, if my interpretation of God’s justice is accurate –I could be wrong. We do get the idea that some, at the judgement time, will be sadly surprised of how deceived or wrong they were (see Matthew 7:21-23)


Either way, there is one thing most Christians agree and can be united on and celebrate together: Jesus lived, walked on this earth around two thousand years ago, taught, loved and ultimately went to the electric chair of His time, to pay for the due penalty of our sins so that we would not have to. And three days later, He was the first and only human being  who came back to life to never die again, proving what He claimed, that He was the son of God, God himself in a human body. This event was of such relevance to humanity, that millions of people throughout the last two thousand years have and still, talk about, debate and put their hope in Him.

Jesus’ death and resurrection is the single most significant event in human history and the one thing in which our whole faith relies upon. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the one thing that we all –labeled and self-proclaimed Christians, can agree and celebrate together.

May this common cornerstone bring us to a point where we all can examine ourselves, our motives, actions, arguments and positions, and humbly consider that we could be wrong in our interpretations, and to seek to please God and follow Him whatever it takes, by seeking practical and lasting ways to honor Him.

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