About Louie Giglio and Obama’s inaugural fiasco

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Me and people, Politics, The Church

A few days ago, The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) announced that Louie Giglio had been selected to deliver the benediction at the Inaugural swearing-in ceremony of President Obama and Vice President Biden on Monday, January 21.

Today, we learned that Giglio withdrew his acceptance, after the liberal website ThinkProgress posted audio of a sermon from Giglio from 15-20 years ago, in which he cited Scripture and called same-sex relationships sinful and an abomination. –although, he repeatedly urged congregants to welcome gays and lesbians to the church and said God loves them.

A spokeswoman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, said the committee had originally chosen Giglio because of his work to end human trafficking, but were not aware of Pastor Giglio’s past comments, which “don’t reflect our desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our country at this inaugural”.

This doesn’t make sense!

GiglioFirst of all, it appears that Louie Giglio has done a whole lot more to help a common cause (human trafficking) than to attack another one (homosexuality). He had spearheaded a movement of college students and adults that, aside from benefiting society through the preaching of the Gospel, have raised millions of dollars, awakened awareness and prompted millions of people into tangible actions in defense of many who suffer under the yoke of slavery and human trafficking. Yet, one particular view that most likely has not negatively affected many, stands in the way of him leading the country in a prayer.

Second, one would get the impression that the administration is playing a double standard game here. President Obama reportedly has personally selected a gay man as the inaugural poet, and a Lesbian and Gay Band Association to march in the inaugural parade. I am sure these representatives of the American community have and do in some of their stances, go against some other segment of the population –I am sure someone disagrees with something they do or stand for. Why not letting groups representatives do their thing representing their views and many other Americans’, and let also a Christian pastor do his thing representing his views and many’ other Americans? Why not making it work both ways? We are all Americans -gays, straight, Christians and atheists. After all, as they state, they want to “put an emphasis on reflecting diversity in the festivities”.

Finally, this is a reminder of the society we are living in today (see my thoughts on “the good news of the secularization of America). Independently of what your personal views and interpretations are on homosexuality –or any other controversial topic for that matter, I think we agree that if one doesn’t stand against something, one doesn’t stand for anything, and if one doesn’t stand for anything, one will fall for anything. Perhaps this is the type of religious leader they would want to have at this event; one who doesn’t preach against anything… who likely doesn’t stand for anything.

Kuddos to Giglio and great example to follow, for not backing down for pure political correctness while reminding us about the due love and respect that we, as Americans, owe to individuals’ rights of freedom, and to everyone who holds differing views on any subject.


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