Christmas through the eyes of statistics

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Christmas, Holidays, Me and God

A little bit of Christmas math & statistics:

The chances you will get murdered in USA: 1 in 8,000
The chances of dating a super-model: 1 in 88,000 (Although I got that one… and I married her)
The chances of being stroke by lightening: 1 in 576,000
The chances of an American male being Tom Cruise: 1 in 150,000,000
The chances of winning the 500 MegaMillons: 1 in 176,000.000

The chances of a 1st century Jewish boy being born in the same place that a 700 year-old ancient manuscript promised for the Messiah: 1 in 280,000

The chances of a 1st century Jewish 30 year-old riding a donkey entering into Jerusalem, as promised by a 500 year-old ancient manuscript promised for the Messiah: 1 in 100

The chances of a man of the time keeping quite as he was being beat and torn, as –you guessed right, promised by a 700 year-old ancient manuscript: 1 in 1,000

The chances of five more specific prophecies foretold 200-1000 years earlier being all-together fulfilled by one man: 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

What are the chances then, of the same God who directed these and many other prophecies and delivered the promises so accurately and exactly, about Messiah’s city of birth, time in history, family etc, on being faithful to what He promises to you?

That if you choose to accept He was real, walked on this earth, was the son of God and a man at the same time;
That He died on a cross to pay for your sins –past, present and future;
That He resurrected like no other man ever has –to prove He was and is God in human body;
That He wants to bless you, protect you, love you, forgive you and use you in His mega plan;
That He can be as real counselor, friend, companion and support here and now;
That He can provide for your needs, make the best of any situation, heal you and speak to you through His Word;
That He will love you and accept you even when you fail –He in fact will forgive you and restore you;
That no matter whether you are an atheist or a church leader, He can take you, right where you are, and make of today, a brand new day?

It’s not rocket science. The odds are in your favor. BELIEVE!.

Merry Christmas!

  1. Praise the Lord!! Awesome to read! Thank you Luis!! I am completely touched!! Merry Christmas to you and Angela and your beautiful children! You have blessed me. Thank you.

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