It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Christmas, Evangelism, Holidays, Life, Me and God, Me and people, Parenting, The Church

And I’m not referring to the lights and the gifts and the hot chocolate, or even celebrating Jesus birthday. Although those might be great, I think there is a far more practical reason December is the happiest season of all.

its-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year-smallI think this is the season that best lends itself for us to be Christians. Throughout the year we have heard countless messages, sermons and Bible studies reminding us and encouraging us to believe in Jesus, to read and study scriptures, to pray continually, to obey His commandments, to love our neighbor, to tithe and give to the needy, to serve and help others. Throughout the year, we’ve been given practical applications to love our spouses, fellowship daily with God, manage our time wisely, surrender fruitless additions and activities, share the Good News with others, and to stand fearless against adversities.

However, acting upon our beliefs is where the rubber hits the road. Weather you believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit or gift of tongues or whether you are more in the “you’ve got all the spirit at conversion” side of the discussion, I am sure we all can agree with this quote:

Sometimes It takes more Holy Spirit to help with the dishes than to pray…

The Christian life God wants us to live; the Christian life the outsiders are going to be truly influenced by, is a life that both, understands the ‘saved by grace’ identity through a deep relationship with God on a daily basis through prayer and Bible study, and –as a result, acts.

And Christmas season is a perfect time to act because:

–          Giving is on the air. It is not too awkward to give to a waitress a high tip, pay for someone’s dinner or giving practical gifts to foster kids, instead of unnecessary expensive gifts to our own kids (or ourselves). What better season to practice the famous “random acts of kindness”.

–          People are open to kindness, which is an opportunity to, not only pray for people in secret, but pray for them and with them face to face, in the workplace, streets of anywhere else.

–          No other topic in scriptures has more resources (books, advent devotionals, movies, youtube videos etc) available as the Christmas story, which can make it a bit easier for us parents to study and teach the Bible to our kids –and learn ourselves in the process, about Jesus and salvation.

–          You can even use the “12 days of Christmas” excuse, to do special simple but profound acts of love and service to your spouse. Night talks, dates, a rose in her nightstand, back rubs, kitchen clean up, oil change….. your imagination is the limit.

–          Put all of these together, and a few more, and you have a whole set of activities and actions you can take to serve and love others and use these acts of kindness as vehicles to tell others about who Jesus is and what The Gospel means for them; the best way to witness and share our faith with others.

The greatest result, if you take these areas and ideas and come up with your own customized plan, and executed it during December, by the last day in New Years Eve, you will have a great head-start on ‘resolutions’, as you would, not only be focused on things that do matter, and have experienced them, but you would also already have some ‘habit practice’ built-in (they say that if you do something for 21 days, it is more likely to stick with it)… you will have some momentum going -which some argue decides 80% of the success for new year’s resolutions. Imagine if you could live life doing these type of acts, not only on December, but throughout all 2013?

It may not work, but it might. Only giving it a try will tell… and I think it is well worth it. You may say at the end, with a whole new meaning, that December the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Angela says:

    The 12 Days of Christmas thingy sounds good to me!

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