Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

A re-look at the chances of winning the Powerball

Thoughts with accent

Ever find yourself daydreaming with “What would I do with 300 million?”. In case you were wondering, I have, and this is my action plan:

– Since the amount before taxes is about $500 million and my first fruits are to go back to God, my church would be happy to receive at least a $50 million tithe check; down to $450 million.
Taxes off the total amount come to be about $200 million; down to $250 million.
Dave Ramsey would suggest saving 10% or 20% for future and retirement –but, who needs $25 million for retirement?. Let’s put… hhmm $5 million down for retirement investment to live off the rest of our lives (that should give us $100k a year to live very comfortable the next 60 years); down to $245 million
– Let’s say I go crazy buying a new house, a house at the beach…

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