Thank you Veterans!

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Holidays, Me and people

I travel on business a lot. I was surprised not long ago when I read my Delta Skymiles report and noticed that I had flown more than fifty times in one year.

Frequently, one day trips to DC; fly in the morning, fly back in the afternoon. Often, these trips are for two days and one night. A handful of times, I’ve had to be away for a few days. Just in few occasions, I’ve had to be gone for more than a week.

Some people ask me, “what’s the hardest part of traveling?” My answer unequivocally is always the same: “missing time with my wife and kids”…. And this experience has allowed me to value and better understand the real ‘sacrificers’.

As I work every day, I interact with members of the military forces in every branch. I have come to realize that my travels and family time sacrifices, pale in comparison to what most of these guys in the military do. They are gone from home for weeks, months and years. They miss friends birthdays, son’s games, daughters recitals, wives quality times, Christmas dinners, church BBQ’s, and all kinds of activities that we –civilians, have come to take for granted.

The best part: they chose to do it. They voluntarily decided to make these sacrifices so that you and me could stay home and enjoy the benefits of a country protected by the finest men.

They are soldiers, they are sailors, they are airmen (and women), they are marines, they are active, they are reserve, they are National Guard, and many more types. But above all, they are ministers of God. They have been appointed by God to execute justice and to help us. They have done and sacrificed for us what many of us could not.

To everyone who is or has served in the military: THANK YOU!



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