The good news of the secularization of America

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Evangelism, Life, Me and God, Me and people, Politics, The Bible, The Church

We prayed, we voted, and we have a president. Pundits and political commentators are making their post-election analysis and an often heard phrase seems to be “soul searching”

Many seem to agree that the Republican party needs to do deep re-grouping and even a re-inventing of its ideologies. And I kind of agree –sort of.

Last night as the election came close to bearing a result, I found myself puzzled with the fact that 50% of voters seemed to agree and desire four more years of a president that, used and promoted abortion rights (even by using little girls), portrait women as being all about abortion and contraception, deceived the country in countless areas, showed questionable respect and content for the military, Christians, and international allies, and run on a platform of envy –vote for me and I will give you some of their stuff for free. How is that even possible!! What’s up with this country?

Maybe I was wrong. As I talked and chatted with friends, I asked why would people –Christian people particularly, would vote for Obama. A good friend and democrat voter suggested that he had done so because he is concerned about giving to the poor –a way of demonstrating his desire to give it all to God. Maybe many voted for Obama for the same reason. Maybe that 50% wants to do something for the poor and needy –“the least of these”. Maybe all of my philosophical –and the republican ideas as a whole –like smaller government, free market and individual responsibility, and quality through competition, are not such great ideas after all. 60 million people seem to think so. Maybe Those 60+ million people who voted for Obama are not necessarily ignorant or misinformed about the facts, the economy and the way this country is being run. Maybe the reason why many of them voted for him has nothing to do with the –to me very evident, bias of the media towards assuring the protection and support of the president. Maybe a lax public education and understanding of basic economics and business is not really a reason for our state. Maybe the left way of doing things is better and that’s why Obama won.

Is the Republican party in decadence because of the Religious Right? I am willing to consider I may be wrong on all of these areas. But I don’t think that is the core of the problem. Many political analyst, and someone very close to me (a democrat), told me this morning that the reason why the GOP lost is the ‘extreme right religious’ and ‘tea party’ influence. In his opinion, less and less people are engaged in defending the Ten Commandments, the life of the unborn, the sanctity of marriage, and many other conservative/religious tenants. He further suggested that the only viable option for the GOP is to draw away from the ‘religious nuts’ and embrace the new world. To ignore ‘those moral issues that have nothing to do with politics’ and embrace the new generation of open-minded all accepting voters; to join the wagon that will lead us into a “secular society with respect and acceptance of all -like Europe” Yes, he did say that …. And I think he is up to something.

Reality is, America is leaning away from Christian values.

It doesn’t take much effort to realize that the percentage of Christians in this nation is at an all time low. That support for traditionally-Christian agendas like pro-life, marriage etc continues to go downward. That most women, based on this election, care more for abortion rights and contraception than family values. That this growing generation (today’s teens and twenty-something’s), who come from a mostly un-churched, and very Biblically illiterate society, half of them from a one-parent home, and many of them indoctrinated with an entitlement mentality, find little to identify with the traditional conservative philosophies. Add to that recipe a Democratic party whose official platform goes against all of those moral principles and God himself –and instead promotes “do-anything-you-want”, reconciliation and all-togetherness (and a Christian community that seems to live half of what we preach), and voila!!, you have a new generation of largely secular voters. The new America.

The good news. What’s the good news you may ask? I don’t know about the GOP, maybe they do need to move their agenda to the center-left to gain more adherents. This would mean however, that it no longer shares some of the “must” from my list. But that’s ok, politics is just a second priority for me. What I really should and I hope to care about, is to win the lost for Christ. This can be translated into good news. Why? Because the church in the first century was under the one of the worse tyrants ever and still thrived, grew and expanded (and even Paul, under Nero’s rule, commanded us to submit to authorities and obey the law). Many of the greatest revivals in history happened in the midst of a less-than-desirable political environment. Even from personal experience, growing up in a third world country with socialized medicine, wasn’t a hindrance for God to get ahold of me. In fact, I wonder if my life would have been different –for the worse, if I had been born in a prosperous society.

In summary, even if at best, United States becomes completely secularized but economically and socially strong -or if at worst, things got as bad as some speculate, and taxes go to the roof and public debt hits 40 trillion, and the welfare wagon comes to a stop because everyone is on it and there are no longer people to pull it… Even if our country becomes a society characterized by sin, godlessness and end up being like Europe or Greece, still, we have the confidence that God will take care of His children’s needs (Matt 6:33), and we still have the power and mission, not to save America, but to save Americans.

I heard a famous eschatologist and Bible scholar being asked: “where do you see United States in the end times?” his response was: “I don’t see it”. If you ascribe to the interpretation of the End Times that things will get better and the world will become a nice little perfect place for Jesus to come back and reign (Amillennial), I don’t know how can you fit current geopolitical events into your eschatological frame. However, if you ascribe to the “things get worse on earth=>Church is raptured=> Tribulation=>Millennial kingdom of Christ=>judgment=>eternity”-type of interpretation of the end times, (which I kind of lean towards), then all of this we are living in the world today could be considered as good news.

The end is approaching and we need to get busy making disciples who make disciples (Matt 28:19-20), Honoring all people, loving the brotherhood, fearing God and honoring the king (1 Peter 2:17).

  1. Angela says:

    bravo! love this.

  2. Darrell Pruitt says:

    Good job Luis. Our priority is heaven-ward first and foremost. The church’s role has never been to save a country or influence governments; it’s the eternal savlation and spiritual growth of individuals.

  3. Brittany Yancey says:

    Spot on! As many around me today have been doom and gloom…I have been rather giddy that Christ’s return is even closer now! Thank you for such a well articulated post.

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