Thoughts for Christian-undecided voters

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Politics

If you or someone you know thinks:

–          “I am not voting for the lesser of two evils”
–          “I’m voting for a third-party candidate”
–          “I’m so disgusted with politics that I won’t vote at all”
–          “I’ll leave politics separated from religion”
–          “I’ll just vote my conscience”
–          “I’m not convinced about how pro-life Romney is!”
–          “I don’t know if I should vote for a Mormon”…

You may find this very interesting article of paramount wisdom and logic: “This election’s choice: Romney, third-party (=Obama), or don’t vote (=Obama)?”. I strongly suggest you take a look at it and make your own mind about it.

But just in case you are too busy to read it, here’s a summary –with a few of my own comments.

–          Unless Jesus himself was running for office, “every vote for a mere son of Adam is a vote for the lesser of two evils”. Any candidate we vote for is “at best, a redeemed and finite sinner”

–          A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote wasted because (1) they don’t have any realistic chance of winning the election; (2) they would have no constituency in Congress and therefore can’t accomplish their unique goals.

–          A vote for a third-party candidate, instead of sending a “message”, is going to assure the re-election of the current administration which means the advancement of the pro-abortion agenda among others. Remember, “there are 2-3 [Supreme Court] justices who are about 900 years old who are holding on for a liberal president“ to appoint their successors. The president appoints justices, who ultimately make the big decisions.

–          “Not voting at all is like “a person who watches his wife get beaten up, making smug little jokes about how hard it is to pick sides in such conflicts“ A no-vote equals a vote for Obama.

–          As I have written before, it is not even Biblical to attempt to legislate salvation. We Christians can’t expect to issue laws to obligate every citizen to follow Biblical commands. However, our voice as citizens in voting can affect and delay a future with a variety of headaches and persecution such as preachers thrown in prison for ‘hate crimes’ (preaching against abortion and homosexuality); softer laws to kill babies; and pastors and churches being destroyed by lawsuits for choosing who to marry and who not to marry,

–          “Voting your conscience” is not a Biblical code word for “reason to do something foolish with God’s approval.” That is, God holds us accountable for making intelligent decisions that take all the facts into consideration (Prov. 11:14; 13:10; 15:22; 16:1, 3, 9; 19:20-21; 24:6). It is foolish and wicked to refuse to do so.

–          Maybe we don’t know for sure how pro-life Romney is. This is what we do know for sure:

  • Of all the folks he could have chosen, Romney chose a VP with an outspoken and 100% pro-life record.
  • Planned Parenthood loves abortion, loves Obama, hates Romney.
  • He has convinced activist Gary Bauer.
  • He is supported by The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee, the Susan B. Anthony list, National Right to Life, Colorado Citizens for Life, and other groups.

–          Let’s say that “you don’t like the exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. I don’t like two of those three, either. So supposing Romney succeeds in preventing abortions except for those cases. You do realize that means preventing more than nine out of ten abortions? Whereas your only other alternative, Barack Obama, favors preventing zero abortions?”

–          Romney has never proposed or mentioned intentions on outlawing monotheism or the Gospel, that we know of. In fact: (1) Romney couldn’t harm Christians’ rights without harming Mormons’ rights, and he’s unlikely to do that; and (2) President Romney’s Mormonism should provide golden opportunities for Christians to explain and present the true saving Gospel of Christ; and (3) the only alternative, President Obama, professes to be a Christian while embracing ideology and values directly in opposition to Christianity, and (4) Obama shows far more concern for the religion of Islam, which is implacably opposed to Christianity.

  1. Jerry says:

    You’re on fire lately man…. rock on.

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