Politics and the court of law

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Business and career, Leadership, Politics

As I watch the Republican National Convention, and the back-and-forth of pundits, reporters (and nobodies like me ) trying to defend, attack or understand arguments. As I listen the lies and intellectual abuses that drawn the few good ideas and ideals that struggle to survive, I wondered:

“How is it so easy to manipulate and lie to 300 million people?”

Let’s put it in this way: I may not agree with 100% of the decisions made by judges in the courts of law. However, I personally tend to believe in the ‘fairness’ of such decisions. I, by and large,  believe on the justice system. Jurors and judges bring, analyze and decide on evidences. Little space seems to be given to rhetoric, exaggerations and lies. Please!, dont misunderstand me, I am sure lies and manipulation happen in trials. However, the whole jurors and evidence system; the cross examination and relevancies  seem to be a  pretty effective system. I could be wrong and a total ignorant on judicial matters (in fact I am ), however,  I wonder if people would be less disillusioned and more involved in the political process -that is killing this country, if the process was more trustworthy.

I see a solution….

Welcome to the All-media fully-collaborative debates system
the candidates to the presidency of The United States of Utopia.

This is a a series of televised/radio/on-line fully collaborative series of debates where each major topic relevant to the presidency is discussed. As in regular debates, time is allotted to make some initial statements and present arguments. However, instead of  giving 30 seconds to answer with mere words, what could be the strategy that decides the destiny of millions of people and trillions of dollars,  I would have a structure to divide the topics (i.e. the economy) into smaller measurable arguments (i.e. unemployment). Each argument would be immediately and fully examined in real time. If the candidate is quoting a number, a poll or a report, the link to such report would be provided in the online portal for everyone to see and analyze. The relevancy, objectivity and trustworthiness of such numbers would be scrutinized and put on the table for everyone to understand and compare apples to apples (i.e. employables unemployed vs. employables searching). Every argument that pundits and critics make would be openly scrutinized and put to light -or death. Somehow, items not discussed and examined in these debates, would not be allowed in the campaign trail. No more, “I did this” or “he said that”, without the full evidences examined. Furthermore, promises would be tightly attached to performance measurements during and from the start of the term. In summary, like a profitable company is run.

It wouldn’t be perfect, it wouldn’t be easy, I wouldn’t be short -maybe 3-day debates!. But maybe wiser smarter decisions would be made by better informed voters. If we spend billions of taxpayer dollars, hours days and months trying in the court of law serial killers and rapists -many of whom we pretty much know are guilty, why not spending similar resources into our future?

oh, well! What do I know? Like the famous philosopher profoundly noted: “Snap back to reality” (Eminem)

  1. Dan says:

    I agree with you. These things called political debates are far to complex and the facts are always wrong or mispoken. How do we trust someone based on a 30 second response in which most of us don’t even register what or whom they are talking about to begin with. Lets keep it simple, I believe God never intended our world to be so complex. (meaning) he didn’t want us to worry about every issue under the sun (it is impossible to do so)

    This verse says it best Matthew 6:34 So don’t worry about tommorrow, for tommorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. ( At the end of the day we are in control of nothing people, understand NOTHING) This is a fact, so why worry about this agenda or that one. What we know to be true is what scripture tells us (if you are a believer), that should be the only response to a candidate who has done something right/wrong, not to judge, but to hold accountable through scripture……….(that is it, very simple huh)

    We can still worry about the political agenda and hope that we make an educated vote for the right candidate, but in the end God’s plan will prevail (Our focus should always be him, I always wonder if God is really concerned with gas prices, healthcare, things of this nature) Naturally I would say no ,but I always tell myself God is concerned with the little things but not the material things (meaning people and there salvation) We are the little things of this earth and without the maker we don’t stand a chance in this great big world he created so lets focus our eyes on him and let him make the right decision for this country………….(Again very simple yet we turn into complexity)

  2. And you my friend have provided and excellent conclusion to the post that I missed to include. I cant wait to start our study on Romans.

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