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Posted: August 18, 2012 in Evangelism, Leadership, Life, love, Me and God, Me and people, The Bible, The Church

There is this funny blog that I often read called Stuff Christians Like.  I would define it as a savvy satirical mix between pop culture, Christian pop culture and some of the weird things we Christians sometimes do. One blog topic that quickly became a commonly used phrase in this sub-culture is the ‘Jesus Juke’. In simple words, a ‘Jesus Juke’ happens “when someone takes what is clearly a joke filled conversation and completely reverses direction into something serious and holy”.

Recently, and I see this happening very often, I witnessed how a well intended Christian defending his position about supporting a local cause, got attacked by another (who would think this would happen!), who stated that those dollars could have been spent feeding the poor in Africa, because “that is what Christians are supposed to do”. I am not sure if this qualifies as a ‘Jesus Juke’, maybe. However, there is something of far more importance that I think needs to be looked at.

What are Christians supposed to do? What’s the most important thing for Christians?

Some claim Christians are supposed to feed the poor and be compassionate.
Others clam Christians are supposed to love and accept everyone around them.
An opposite group may declare that keeping oneself holy and unpolluted from the world is the key.
A number of Christians may suggest that singing and worshiping is what we were created for.
Some yet may maintain that reading and studying the Bible is at the center of all things.
Maybe it is just praying a lot.

So, what is it?

I’m sure you can realize that pretty much every one of these activities can be found to be Biblical and very very important. Nevertheless, I would like to submit to your consideration that, although these and many others are good and commendable, if we are mistakenly pursuing the right means to the wrong end, a lot –lives in fact, can be at stake.

What would Jesus say?

Is feeding and giving to the poor the ultimate goal? No. Although He gave and fed the poor, and commanded us to care for the ‘least of these’, Jesus implied we would not be able to completely eliminate poverty. (Mathew 26:11)

Is it ‘loving others’? Um, maybe. While Jesus summed up the law in ‘love others as yourself’, one can make the case that He was also very harsh with some people  and wasn’t always accepting of ‘everyone’.

Is it staying away from this sinful world?, Obviously not, Jesus was famous for hanging out with prostitutes and dirty business dealers.

Maybe singing? I don’t think so, He would have been recorded singing more than only once.

What about studying the scriptures? Well, you know how well things went between Jesus and those who were the Bible experts at the time. Does ‘whitewashed tombs’ and ‘brood of vipers’ ring a bell?

As you see, neither of these activities alone are the ultimate thing. Neither of those will make you ‘pass the test’. Think about it. God could feed every needy and hungry person in one day as He did in the desert with Israel . Better yet, He could comeback today and judge the earth and bring about a new heaven and new earth –heaven now. That way, there would be no more hunger or poor people. Everyone would love and accept everyone. No more sin, no more temptation, worshiping in God’s presence forever, with The Word of God in flesh right in our midst.

Why hasn’t He done it? Why hasn’t He finished the sufferings of this world? Because of.only one very important, critical and unique reason: God is being patient -because He does not want anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance .

That’s it!, that is the one most important thing: Salvation for everyone!!

Jesus fed the poor and was compassionate and accepted people and knew the scriptures and prayed and even sung, but not ‘as an end’ –just ‘as means’ to preaching the message of repentance and salvation.

In fact, guess what was the very first word of the Gospel preached by John the Baptist, Jesus, The twelve disciples, Peter  and Paul, in their public ministry? It was “Repent!” (See Mathew 3:1-2; 4:17; Mark 6:12; Luke 24:46-47; Acts 2:38; 3:19; Acts 26:19-21)

Preaching the message of repentance and salvation is the one and only thing we will not be able to do on the other side of eternity; the only thing –I believe, we will regret  not having done enough.

So, remember: you and anyone else –Christians, Muslims or atheists , can feed the poor and give to the needy, and it is a good thing indeed. However, giving can be a great means -and a filled stomach can make a very receptive ear, to the Good news of the Gospel of repentance and salvation which can save their eternal lives

You can ‘love’ and accept anyone and everyone you come across, have coffee with them and even boycott Chick-fil-A. Nevertheless, true love’s ultimate’s goal is salvation and eternal life (John 3:1-17)

In similar manner, good activities such character building, prayer, worship and Bible study can become void and nule –like the pharisees, if they become a bunch of religious, self-righteous, self-gratifying activities that are not producing a desperate desire to think outside the box and do whatever it takes to share the gospel, to reach out to those who haven’t heard of Jesus.

Do, give, help, love, accept, sing, worship, study, pray -at least a little, the more the better, but always remember that the ultimate goal and the one reason why we are here on earth, is to bring more people to Jesus, to make disciples, and to teach them to obey and to make more disciples… 

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