Discouraged? Check out this story I heard…

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Evangelism, Life, love, Me and God, Me and people, The Church

A few years ago, there was a man whose life was not particularly special. Just a regular guy whose life would soon change. His name was Edward.

A few years ago, there was another man whose life appeared to be also very common, Just a Christian guy. Except, he was about to do something that maybe even touch you, as a reader today. His name was Phillip.

Eduard was married and soon to have his second baby. Phillip worked with Edward at a military weapons factory and kept on inviting Edward to his home group Bible study. Edward as usual would reject and complain about Phillip’s constant invitations to his “religious group”. Phillip wanted Edward to know Jesus; Edward wanted to enjoy his normal but un-churched life.

A few months later, suddenly life took a turn. Edward’s new born baby contracted a severe decease that sent him to bed without being able to eat anything at all. At barely 4 months of age, doctors and experts gave up on the little baby, as his death seemed evident and inevitable. All hope was gone –well, except Phillip’s.

Throughout this ordeal, Phillip kept on praying for and supporting –and still inviting Edward to come to church and visit his home Bible study. Ultimately, he offered to pray for the dying baby as nothing else seemed to offer any hope. “what do you have to lose?” asked Phillip to Edward. “Let us pray for the baby, and we’ll see what God will do”.

Edward would not agree at first, but reluctantly, maybe out of defeat, he went ahead and allowed Phillip and his church friends to lay hands on the little baby before he would breathed his last…

Except, after they prayed for the baby, almost immediately, and certainly miraculously, he seemed to get back his strength and appeared to ask for food. Mary, Edward’s wife, was astonished, and excited to say the least. Their dying baby, seems to be now back to life; she immediately fed him –after several days without the ability to hold any food down.

Long story short, in a matter of just a few days, the baby ate his way into recovery; Edward’s doubts and unbelief were suddenly cleared by an evident answer to prayers. This event, in Mary’s opinion, opened Edward’s heart to accept Phillip’s invitation to church, which led to them accepting Christ in their lives, which led to them turning their family to God, which led to Edward going into ministry, which led to many of their friends to having their lives changed for eternity.

Not only Edward and his wife Mary received life and the joy that surpasses all human understanding, but so did their three children, and their grand-children and all their children and grand-children’s friends who have heard the gospel through them. All because one man, Phillip, did not give up on inviting, and sharing, and loving and supporting and praying for his one very regular guy friend. One man, who invested in another man, was used by God to change a whole family, three generations and maybe hundreds of lives through this one act of love and obedience.

If you are discouraged, or tired, or losing your ‘vision’ and passion for sharing the Good News, be the exception, don’t give up in sharing God’s truth and love. You can be used by God to change a life -forever. I am proof of it….

I heard this story from Mary, Edward’s wife… my mom. That baby who was dying in the hospital, who was healed by Phillip’s prayer, that was me. And I can’t express with words how much I am thankful to the one guy who invested in my dad’s life-as he changed mine too as well as many many others. … And so can you…

  1. Angela says:

    I’m thankful too! (:

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