A man worthy of respect

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Leadership, Life, love, Me and God, Me and people, Parenting, Sex, The Bible

What makes a man worthy of respect? What makes a man truly a man? Is it the physiological features alone? Or, is there more to being a man that can bring manhood to full realization? Is it having lots of women? Is it having plenty of sexual experiences? Is it reaching the top of the corporate and financial ladder? Is is having children?

Most male animals can procreate; just a few men can be good fathers.
Many mammals grow hair; only a few men can grow character.
Some guys find worth in exercising, do-it-yourself and self-improvement projects; only a few men can exercise self-control.
Some men pride themselves on muscle power but lack wisdom and strength to control such power in the midst of temptation, anger or adverse situations.
This culture seems to tell us that an accomplished man can get every and any toy, tool and gadget he wants. However, maybe full realization of manhood is found in the ability to satisfy the needs and desires of wives, children and those entrusted to that man’s care.

Maybe a man’s body and physiological features dictate manhood alone. Or maybe there are other areas that make manhood more real and transcendental than the physical. Other areas that can make a man worthy of respect.

There was once a man who, was known for being a loving warrior. Some say that he once killed thousands of enemies by Himself just to defend his own. With sacrifice, selflessness, unconditional love and courage, he gave it all up to do what no one else could. He fought and fiercely opposed his enemies to complete victory. He loved his children, he had the character and self control to wait for the appropriate time to meet His bride but did everything He could to gain her love….

Maybe every man would do well in learning more from him… He is a man worthy of respect.


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