To the elect lady – Mother’s Day post

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Holidays, Life, love, Me and people, Parenting

When thinking about Mother’s Day, what better pattern to consider, than Mary the mother of Jesus.  After all, the angel called her “Blessed among all women”.

Although I have many reasons to be thankful in life, one big big one, is the wonderful, upright, hardworking, loving mother God gave me and the wonderful, upright, hardworking, loving mother God gave to my children.

When I read 2 John (the little 1 page Bible book towards the end of the New Testament), I can’t help but wonder if this was actually a letter written by John the Apostle, to Mary the mother of Jesus. As we understand, Jesus’ brothers were not believers in Him before the cross and maybe were out of the picture. On the other hand, John was His best friend. Maybe this explains why, Jesus –right at the cross before His earthly departure, commends His own mother in the flesh, to His friend John. Presumably, years later as Jesus brothers and sisters come around in receiving the gospel, maybe Mary goes back with them and John writes this letter to say hi.

These are some highlights of the letter that remind me why I am so blessed and fortunate for my mom and my kids’ mom:

–       God’s instruments. “To the elect lady…” (2 John 1:1) – Plain and simple; God in His love, chose Mary, my mom and my wife to be the exact mothers of the exact children He had intended.

–       Character. “I rejoiced greatly that I have found your children walking in truth” (2 John 1:4) – Mary was a godly woman who raised Jesus in God’s ways, and He showed the results; My mom is a godly very loving woman who raised me with a living example of what being a Christian looks like. She worked hard, sacrificed and loved us in word, touch and action -even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Though I am not perfect, it is greatly due to her, that I walk with God today. Finally, I often meditate on how perfect my wife is in loving and respecting me; loving and caring for our kids; teaching and disciplining them; serving others and serving our home; and being a Christian, wife and mom –all so well. I also often remind my wife, that the trait I admire the most in her, is her zeal for what is right. Sin is not negotiable for her –and her character is reflected in the kids she is raising. May they always be “walking in truth”.

–       Defend the truth. “do not receive him into your house” (2 John 1:7-11) – lastly, an allusion to an attitude of protection against false doctrines. About Mary, no questions she did a good job. My mom?, so did she –lots of stories in that regard. And my wife? Well, Let’s just say that the last Jehovah’s Witnesses/Mormons who visited our doorstep, who mistakenly tried to block the door with their feet, deeply regretted their courage as they were confronted with a full load of loving truth and arguments against their deceiving doctrine. That’s my wife!!

John closes with “but I hope to come to you and speak face to face”. And so do I hope I can see my mom’s face soon and my children’s mom, even much sooner.

To my mom and my kid’s mom; for being chosen; having the character, zeal and love; and for actively working for the truth: Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. Lisa says:

    So lovely Luis.

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