Abortion same as vasectomy? really?

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Life, Me and people, Politics, Science, Sex

This woman’s proposition, with all due respect, is the most preposterous, ridiculous and nonsensical argument I’ve heard in recent times.

If you haven’t seen or heard it yet, this lawmaker is proposing that, since women are being banned from aborting their babies, then men should be banned from having a vasectomy. Are you kidding me here?

Please someone correct me if I am wrong:

1. Abortion kills an already existent human, a living person.
2. Vasectomy is a surgery for men to keep them permanently from the possibility of being able to  ‘make’ babies.
3. Abortion, 100% of the times, terminates a life.
4. Vasectomy avoids what otherwise may or may not happen in the future.
5. The women’s procedure that would be logically and medically equivalent to vasectomy is tubal ligation
6. Women and men have under current laws -as far as I know, the same equal right to exercise permanent contraception (vasectomy / tubal ligation), which happens to be the responsible thing -besides saying “no”.
7. If she or anyone is so truly concerned about the “thousands of children deprived from birth”, then fight against abortion, not for it.
8. The judgement of a man or woman exercising permanent contraception is, in my humble opinion, better than the judgement of the ones who kill an innocent baby because they couldn’t keep their pants on.
9. Men’s choice on vasectomy should be legally unilateral because the ‘possible’ baby is not in existence yet (and may never exist) and, in some cases, the identity of the mother who would contribute, may not even be known yet.
10. On the other hand, a baby in the womb,  already exists and by definition has a father and a mother and therefore, if her logic followed suit, the men should have a say on the abortion decision.

Finally, I find difficult to believe that you can identify any scientific data whatsoever that shows a remotely comparable set of emotional, physiological and cultural effects in a man who had a vasectomy vs. a woman who had an abortion.

Please click here to see an article on the AJC

Please see below Rep Yasmin Neal (GA House District 75)  defending her argument.

  1. Angela says:

    Is it April 1?!?!? This has got to be a joke.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I agree with Angela – are you kidding? This is most ludicrous. Thanks for posting.

  3. Well, as reported yesterday, this is a real actual legislative bill with a “a hint of sarcasm”. However, even to be sarcasm, it would have to make logical comparative sense. Furthermore, some critizice that lawmakers are to spend taxpayers money (their salary) in doing what they were hired to do -create laws, and not mockery.


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