When things go wrong…

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Humor, Life, Me and God, The Bible

How ridiculous is to consider one looking at him/herself in the mirror and then to walk away and forget what one looks like?

In as much as it sounds silly, this is one of many funny –yet thought provoking lines that the Bible uses to make us consider real life and how we are to face it.

The last few weeks, we (men’s group) have been studying the book of James and have come to the conclusion that any and every adverse circumstance we face in life (i.e. “when things go wrong”) is both a “furnace” that tests our faith, and an opportunity to grow. See, I think James intentionally uses the same word for ‘trials’ and ‘temptations’ lumping them together to describe all of those situations that, independently of the cause, can seemingly bring growth into our lives. From the guy who cut me off in traffic, through losing my job, to getting cancer; from the temptation to say a little lie to the chance to have an affair, James 1 seems to echo 1 Peter 1:6-7’s description of a furnace that purifies and tests our faith as gold. Although these trials and temptations don’t really strengthen our faith, they do show how real our faith and trust in God is. The more challenges we go through successfully, the more ‘consistent’ we become and grow into maturity.


But, how do we attain that success of going through trials and temptations victoriously? I believe James gives us the answer:
(a) ask God for wisdom to see how He sees the situations and how we are to see them and act through them.
(b) Don’t waste time in complaining, blaming and hurting others or arguing with God. Instead, listen to His Word, look intently, consider, dig, receive and believe what the Bible says about who you are in Christ and what He promises for you
(c) Don’t just read or say but ACT upon it. Don’t just read that you are forgiven, loved, accepted, blessed, justified, strong enough to face temptations etc, but make decisions that proof that you really believe in what God said. If you don’t, you will be the silly one who forgot his image from the mirror. If you do dig into the word and believe and continue in it, “you will be blessed in what you do“. Much like in video games, you will pass into the next level -you will successfully pass the test into maturity. 


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