If GOP candidates were preachers…

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Humor, Politics

Mitt Romney would be an Episcopalian:
Nice guy, clean cut and kind-of-preppy look, he appeals to the wealthy and educated; he is supposed to be a conservative but some claim of him to have a lot of liberal tendencies.


Newt Gingrich would be a Faith Movement preacher:
white hair, strong personality, sometimes he looks stern and strict. He believes and challenges people to have “big ideas”, “big dreams”; “anything is possible…”, “there is no limit”.


Rick Santorum would be a Southern Baptist: Nice guy, calm and collected and very conservative. Always dressed up –or wearing a vest.

Ron Paul
would be a Fundamental Evangelical: older and always dressed up with classic suits and ties, he knows the foundational book in its original form – cover to cover, quotes it, brings it up in any conversation and anything and everything always goes back to the funding book. He wants to follow the book at all costs. His followers seem to be the most passionate and obstinate about what they believe.

  1. Angela says:

    this is so wrong

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