New Year’s resolution: Don’t read the Bible – Part 1

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Life, Me and God, The Bible

If I had to chose only one of my blog entries for people to read, if I could pay people to look and consider only one of my writings, if I could publish and distribute only one post, this would be it. Please please read it and consider it.

Introduction. If you are a Christian and have proposed as a new year’s resolution to read the Bible in this new year, you probably can skip this and go to part 2 of this blog. However if you are a Christian but have not even considered such goal, or even if you don’t call yourself a Christian or if you have doubts about Christianity –if you are a skeptic, please continue…

1. My story with football. I am not exactly Mr. Sports Guy. My knowledge, experience and excitement about sports is pretty close to none. Nevertheless, because of my kids introduction to and sudden interest in football (American football for my non-American readers), I recently found myself in football games cheering for a team and wearing all kinds of football team paraphernalia. I have come to conclude that living in United States pretty much makes it inescapable to at least be a bit involved with the football culture. Most people have  a team they cheer on, most guys watch football game on their couches or at the stadium and it is virtually impossible to pass 5 minutes of conversation among guys without hearing and discussing some football related news, scores or plain opinion sharing. There is football at work, at the grocery store and even in church. Football, like it or not, is part of American culture.

As my kids’ newly found passion, and my love for them brought me inside this new world, I found myself totally lost. People cheered, or cried, or got upset after a play and I didn’t know why. “Should I be sad with my fellow fans?” I often asked myself. I knew that learning the game rules was the only way to understand and fully enjoy this sport.  I have well intended friends who casually tried to explained to me, but their explanations were “too little, too fast and too high-view” for such complex game.

2. My experience and Christianity. I believe football and Christianity have a lot in common. Some people go to church every Sunday, some people only go on Easter and Christmas, and some people don’t go to church at all, don’t believe in God or are openly against religion or Christianity. However, it is almost undeniable that God has a role in this world. Somebody outside our time and dimension must have set this world in motion. Somebody must have created the world we live in –even if you consider the Big Bang, someone must have caused it. Someone very smart must have inspired the Bible to make so many coincidences happen, so many events foretold hundreds of years in advance, someone who understands humanity at it most intimate details must be behind such fascinating book. Now, one can chose to go about life like I was about football, not understanding and not knowing what’s going on –or,  one can consider learning the game to understand it and fully enjoy it. Also, I wonder if the 20 minutes sermons we listen on Sunday morning (about 1% of our total awake time) is not enough either -no matter how good the speaker, to grasp this complex game of life,  the way God intends. In this world we face pain, suffering, victories, struggles, love, hate, job loss, job promotion, parenting, finances, and so many other things and like me in football, we cant enjoy it or make the best of it with these short weekly explanations. What if somehow we could better understand the master plan, make sense of It and make the best out of it?

3. The relationship aspect. It is simple, whether you are a Christian or a skeptic, you know that to have and grow a relationship, time is of the most importance. That’s how relationships grow stronger, that’s how we fall in love -by spending time with that special person, by listening their passions, fears, desires and feelings towards us. The same is true with God. If you want to know God’s ideas, plans, passions, desires, explanations and feelings towards you and the rest of humanity, there is only one -and only one thing you can do: read His love letter, His manual of instructions. If you want to understand life, learn who God is, learn who you really are, if you want to have and grow a relationship with God and fall in love with Him, if you want to know what God really cares about and what He really doesn’t, there is only one proven, guaranteed way: The Bible. and that’s why you want to consider seriously making it a priority on this new year.

(continue with part 2)


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