Putting off hearing God

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Me and God, The Bible

Last week I felt God wanted to tell me something. A specific book of the Bible kept on coming to my heart; I kept on feeling I needed to read that certain book and those certain specific chapters.

Due to busyness at work and life in general, I kept on putting it off, “I’ll read in the morning”..”I’ll read tonight before bed”… “I’ll read in the morning…”. I had been ‘talking to God’ -praying and meditating, but I was not going where He was asking me so subtly to go.

Finally, on Friday, my schedule got unexpectedly interrupted by a flat tire. I was forced to spend a couple of hours at Kaufman waiting for the repair to be done. …so what do I do in the meantime as I wait? Well, let’s read the Bible!

I pulled my phone, opened my Bible app and started reading those certain chapters in that certain book of the Bible.

As I read and read, lots of good stuff was coming into my head but nothing extremely extraordinary…until one of those ‘voila!’ moments happened. As I read this verse I felt as if God had turned the volume ten times higher in my head. My phone was glowing -almost. All of the sudden my heart started pounding. It was very clear this was what God wanted to tell me. The book (or actually the phone) was coming live, almost literally speaking to me. It was real, I was being led by God. He was confirming what He had already placed in our hearts about a particular issue.

After I finished, the tire guy came and said that the car was fixed and- by the way, no charge at all. My wife’s car was fixed and they didn’t charge me a penny. Go figure.

I came back home and told the story to my wife. It was really really cool.

Just a few minutes ago, my wife sent me a link to a YouTube video that a friend of hers had sent her earlier today. My wife’s email read: “Listen to the first 60 seconds of this!”. I wondered what would so marvelously happen in the first 60 seconds of a 10 minute clip, I watched it… and here it was, the same Bible verse I had read.

As someone said: “Coincidence is not a kosher word”

Open up your Bible today, don’t put it off like I did. who knows what God may want to speak to your life -today.


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