WWJD vs. OWS (Jesus and Occupy Wall-street)

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Me and people, Politics, The Bible

Dear someone: (the one who claims that Jesus would be at the center of OWS)

You are absolutely free to accept or reject any religious belief –at our own risk. However, for your information:

1)    Jesus lived under the government of a ruler much worse than ours
2)    Still, Jesus paid all his debts and taxes.
3)    Jesus never broke the law.
4)    Jesus only caused uproar for religious reasons, never political.
5)    Jesus did have compassion for the poor but fed them out of His own resources and not the government’s or someone else’s.
6)    He warned against greed and kept himself from involvement in private property matters
7)    Even when it comes to “occupying” the place that He really is interested in –your heart, He doesn’t “occupy” it by force but waits for an invitation, for you to open the door.

Sincerely, one of the 99 found.


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