Mitt Romney, Mormons, Christians and credibility

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Evangelism, Me and God, Me and people, Politics, The Bible, The Church

Just a few thoughts about whether or not Christians should vote for a Mormon for president and its effect in what matters most.

 Is Mormonism a cult?
Robert Jeffress, a Baptist pastor from Texas says Mormonism is a cult and therefore Christians shouldn’t vote for them. Joel Olsteen, the pastor of perhaps the largest Christian church in United States, seems to suggest Mormonism is not a cult but just another ‘not-so-pure’ form of Christianity.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘cult’ as just a religious system. Therefore, Mormonism is a cult, and so are Baptists and Catholics and Lutherans and, for that matter, everyone else who professes a religion. Needless to say, one can argue that among religious circles, ‘cult’ is a religious system that doesn’t agree with some key tenants of their own. Thus any religion can call the others a cult based on their own criteria. Kind of a subjective argument.

So instead of getting into a semantic technical non-sense that would please only those who agree with the baseline criteria –and therefore not too objective at all, let’s sees some factual differences between Mormonism and what we are going to call ‘orthodox Christianity’:




The Bible

Sole source and ultimate authority of doctrine. (99.86% of today’s New Testament can be confirmed by early writings and manuscripts)

Not accepted as doctrinal authority as they claim is erred; only useful for information
Other books are held as inspired scriptures: ‘Doctrine and Covenants’, ‘The Pearl of Great Price’, and ‘Book of Mormon’ – Also, see Mormon Docrtine by Bruce McConkie

Click here to read about some contradictions between The Bible and The Book of Mormon


There is only one GodHe has always been God since eternity to eternity. God used to be a man on another planet and Mormon members may become gods of their own worlds.
There is only one God There are many many gods 
God is spirit. God has a body of flesh and bones
No gods before or after…”; nothing in The Bible about goddesses. God is married and produces spirit babies by having physical relations with his goddess wife
Jesus is God, Satan is a created being like angels -different than humans. Jesus, Satan, and all of us are spirit brothers and sisters procreated in a pre-existent spirit life  
Not found at all in The Bible. God had relations with Mary to make Jesus body
there is only one God, The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are one God in three persons The Trinity is three separate Gods


Jesus is the only way for salvation Entrance into celestial heaven is by the consent of God and the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith 
Jesus’ sacrifice and His blood alone, cleanses from all sin You must shed your own blood for the forgiveness of some sins   
Salvation is been paid for by Jesus and is free for anyone who believes –by faith. Good works are necessary for the forgiveness of sins

 In conclusion, depending on your criteria, you may or may not agree that Mormonism is a cult.  What I think we all can agree, is that certainly there are a whole lot of differences between  Christianity and Mormonism. It is safe to say, based on this analysis, that Mormons are not Christians….


If you need a doctor to examine your heart, you look for the best possible cardiologist.
If you are in legal troubles with the law, you hire the best and most accredited lawyer you can afford.
If your car breaks down, you choose the most experienced mechanic nearby.
If you are looking for life and death spiritual answers, maybe you want to look into the book that is most consistent in in terms of historical, archaeological and literary critical analysis.
If you want a pastor or a spiritual leader, you may want to chose a person that aligns with your spiritual believes. However, how much does religion really have to do with the presidency of United States?

Yes, some may want in power a person who prays and goes to church and so on. Yes there are values in religion that intricately would reflect in the manner a politician exercises power in office. Many would agree that some of the most ethic people around are Mormons and Muslims (independently of their theological beliefs) But, would you go to a Christian cardiologist to have your car checked? would you take your car to the Christian lawyer? No!, we don’t select them based merely on their religious affiliation without first considering their abilities, experience and knowledge on the matter we need them to do. The best Christian guy can be a poor choice for a task he is not qualified for. At what point, when it comes to political decisions,  track record, experience, ethics, values and accomplishments may be more important than what church does a candidate go to?

Believe me, at this point on the GOP race I am not going for Romney (Go Herman Cain!!) just based on political ideas. However, I think there is an enormous threat to Christianity when we treat other fellow citizens as not politically worthy just because they don’t share our religious beliefs.

What matters most
Yes we want to elect to the position of President the most possible qualified person -not solely based on their religious affiliation. But there is an even more important reason for Christians to do so wisely. If we go to a Christian cardiologist to have our car checked -because he is a Christian, and if we take our cars to the Christian lawyer -because he s a Christian, and if we support a political candidate, just because he is a Christian, what does that tell to the unbelieving world about our judgment and ability to make wise decisions?… and how does that affect our credibility and therefore our effectiveness in telling the world about The savior Jesus we say they need?

  1. Jonathan says:

    Great job Luis pointing out the differences in Christianity and Mormonism. I was shocked to hear Joel Olsteen say that Mormons are authentic Christians and followers of Jesus Christ. Unbelievable? It makes we wonder what he really believes.

  2. Angela says:

    I think about this a lot in regard to my kids’ teachers. It would be great for my kids to have wonderful, kind, loving, gifted Christian teachers. But I have walked the halls of Christian schools, and unfortunately being a Christian doesn’t necessarily make someone a great teacher. I would rather my kids have a wonderful, loving teacher who remains neutral on Christianity, than a Christian teacher who doesn’t love my kids.

  3. […] That is bad news!. A while ago, as I was talking to a neighbor, he made this very same claim; that the Koran and The Bible taught the same things. He was surprised however when I showed him that, in fact they contradict themselves. If two people make totally opposite claims that are fundamentally different, one of them must not be true. The Koran may insinuate that Jesus was a prophet –but not the son of God. Jesus however, claims that He is The One and Only Son of God… etc etc.. [Also, click here for a quick summary or Mormonism] […]

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