Dare to dream, dare to act.

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Evangelism, Leadership, Me and God, Me and people, The Bible, The Church

Almost 300 years ago, both throughout Europe and here in the American colonies, a Christian revitalization movement swept all levels of society (Christians and non-Christians and across denominations) and left a permanent impact on American religion.

What we today call the First Great Awakening, was a powerful movement characterized by life-changing preaching and an intense desire by multitudes to come to repentance and to an active relationship with God. Through these years, thousands and thousands of people came to saving faith in Christ evidenced by city-wide moral transformation, radical improvements in law enforcement, better family life, prosperous economies, and the emerging of an early missionary desire.

Scholars agree that one key pioneer for the First Great Awakening was Philip Jakob Spener (1635-1705). This is what historians report of what P. J. Spener did, a few years earlier, which served as foundation for what became the First Great Awakening

 “…at Frankfurt he reformed religious instruction by preaching on whole books of the Bible, restoring the confirmation service, and setting aside days of fasting and prayer. He set up small groups within the church where pastors and laymen met to study the Bible and pray together for mutual edification. He saw these small groups as ecclesiolae in ecclesia which would aid the pastors in his spiritual duties and return the church to the spiritual level of the early Christian communities. He had deep regard and actively worked for the central importance of Bible Study, restoration of the priesthood of all believers, true faith expressed not in knowing but in deeds of love to one’s neighbor, avoidance of theological disputation, training ministers and preaching that should awaken faith and its fruits in the hearers”

What if we did the same today?
Dare to dream…
Dare to act… 




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