Random Bible Coincidences: Daniel, John, and timeless heaven

Posted: September 1, 2011 in The Bible

The book of Daniel is a collection of prophecies and events about Israel from about 600 BC. (That is six hundred years before Christ). Some archeologist and Bible scholars date some of the oldest manuscripts available to be from 60-200 BC. In chapter 12 of this book, there is an Interesting passage where Daniel had a vision of what most scholars agree, is about The End Days. In this chapter we see:

–       Daniel
–       Two other individuals by the riverbank (v5)
–       A man clothed in linen (with a typical description of what God looks like) raising His hands up to heaven (v6)
–       Also this man (God?) swearing by Him (God) that all of “these things” would be finished.(v7)
–       Something is ‘heard’ but not understood (v8)
–       Daniel is told that these words uttered are “.. closed up and sealed till the time of the end”

On the other hand, we have the book of Revelation, written by John sometime before 100 AD (that is about 100 years after Christ –and almost 700 years after Daniel). In chapter 10, of Revelation, we have a scene –also a prophecy from the end times, with the following elements:

–       John.
–       An angel speaking to John (from previous chapter)
–       A Mighty angel (with a typical description of what God looks like). (v1)
–       A riverbank (v3)
–       Something is ‘heard’ – seven thunders uttered… (v3)
–       John hears a voice saying “..seal up these things…do not write them..” (v4)
–       The mighty angel raises His hands up to heaven (v5)
–       … and swears by God that that “there should be delay no longer” (v6)

Do you see any similarities between these two passages?

Could the two men that Daniel saw be actually John and the Angel speaking to John?

Could it be that both Daniel (from 600 BC) and John (from ~80 AD) got to, be from a different timely dimension on earth to a timeless dimension in heaven -at  the same time, and witness the same scene.

Could this be a picture of how thousands of years in human history, for God are somehow just a few moments?

Could this help to explain how though our bodies die and stay on the grave for years, we seem to go to be with God in the blink of an eye –with glorified bodies, in a timeless heaven?

Welcome, to the godlight zone!!

  1. Scott says:

    Great post! I have often wondered about this… I heard Tony Campolo many years ago give a talk. He described that if we could travel at the speed of light, all human history could be reduced to less than one second in time. An instant in time like described above perhaps. (I don’t do his talk justice in one sentence). Maybe Daniel and John were the first to discover warp speed! Pretty cool.

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