The key for time management and success -in everything

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Business and career, Leadership, Life, love, Me and God, Me and people, Parenting

How much time  should we spend in each of our life’s activities to have a ‘successful’ whole life?. Though we all have different and similar activities and responsibilities, this could give us a clue into how to manage our time.

I took the collective advice of many ‘professionals’ in each area and this is what I came up with. Of course these are just opinions from people who believe to know the best answer and, by and large, could be customized to your particular preferences:

How much time should one spend in order to:

Be a successful worker/employee/businessman: The typical standard daily rate is 8 hours. However, many bosses and successful business people would say things like “Winners drive home in the dark”  or “You wanna WIN in this world? Show up early, stay late, out work and out think the competition.” Based on this, and being a bit liberal here, let’s say that in order to be successful in the workplace we ought to work 12 hours a day.

Be in good shape: Off course there are variants but The Mayo Clinic says up to 20 minutes of aerobics/cardio. The Department of Health indicates a minimum of 30-60 minutes of exercise to avoid gaining weight. The famous P90X demands 60-90 minutes a day. We will use 60 minutes a day. In this area also, we will add the typical 8 hours of sleep which bring us to a total of 9 hours a day

Be up to date in education: Some suggest that one should spend certain amount of time enhancing professional skills –even after graduate and post-graduate studies –just to be informed and on the edging curve of your own business. We’ll say at least 2 hour a week.

Be a great husband
: Since most marriage professionals  agree that time spent with your spouse is a critical component of success in marriage and, lack of it, can be the cause for failure. We will use it as the catalyst to be a successful husband. If you ask your wife “How many hours of uninterrupted, no-cell-phone quality time do you want us to spend a day” the answer may surprise you. Just for the sake of sanity, we will say 1 hour a day. Also in this area, let’s say that we help with chores around the house 10 minutes a day for a total of 1hr and 10 minutes a day

Be a great father: Following the same theme, it has been said that kids spell love T. I. M. E. Let’s say that our kids will be happy with 1 hour a day of uninterrupted, no-cell-phone play time with daddy. To that, add what teachers recommend for a sound academic growth –helping them with their homework, which in my personal life can be at the very least 30 minutes a day. Finally, it is recommended to read to and with your kids (perhaps before bed time).. let’s say another 30 minutes. This would give us a total of 2 hours a day.

Have good measure of ‘outside’ and sports activities: Playing golf, going to the football game, going hunting, playing the guitar and hanging out with buddies are some of the things we typically do in the name of “I need my own time”. Going to a football game on Saturday or playing golf can be a 5 hours affair. We will say 4 hours a week

Stay informed or “unwind”: This is how I sometimes excuse spending hours in front of the TV watching news or –for others watching TV to “unwind” from the day. The Department of Labor’s  statistics show that the average person spends anywhere between 1 and 5 hours a day in leisure activity, such as watching TV or playing video games. Based on statistics and -to be conservative, we will count 2 hours a day to watch TV.

Be a good Christian: If you read my blog you will know that I don’t think you need to DO to be loved by God. However, if you want to be intentional in cultivating a relationship with God , getting to know Him and, as James writes in the Bible, proving your faith by your works  , there are a few things we may want to add to our schedules. Going to church on Sundays, 2 hours a week; being involved in a small group, 3 hours a week; having your personal devotional uninterrupted time with God and your Bible (I don’t want to be taken to legalistic here) let’s say at least 30 minutes a day; serving at the local church or community (“No such thing as a Christian who doesn’t serve”) 2 hours a week. This would bring us to a great total of 10.5 hours a week.

Finally, let’s consider those daily things that always have to happen like the 30 min-1 hr getting ready for the day (shower etc); 2 hrs a day average commute to work and about 2 hours a day for meals. Let’s also consider an average of 6-12 hours a month for other events that happen in life like car repairs, doctor visits, extended family visits etc. This would bring us to a total average of 33 hours a week

 In sum, the approximate total of hours needed to be wholly successful is:

30 hours a day!


  • It seems to be simply and mathematically impossible to be successful at all of those areas at the same time
  • Like Andy Stanley suggests, some of these activities will not get the attention and time they need; “…something -someone, will always get cheated”; the question is, who or what will we decide to cheat
  • It is up to us to intentionally choose what will be the priority, what will we plan and prepare for to accomplish. We have to decide what we really want to be successful at.

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