Review of Matt Papa’s “This Changes Everything”

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Music

You’ve heard the saying: “You can’t please everyone!” –well, I think this album can.

REM meets Spurgeon”…

Crowder and Caedmon’s Call with a taste of Europe”…

The Waiting mixed with Journey “… 80’s keyboards mixed with 21st century rap… epic… powerful…profound…

“modern sounds meet fundamental theology”…

“The contemporary and the retro converge into a unison declaration of call to action”…

These are just some of the phrases that went through my mind as I had the privilege to preview the new Matt Papa’s CD “This Changes Everything”, to be released, August 2nd. [Watch previous here]

In a nutshell, I would say it is:

–       A perfect balanced combination between the old and the new sounds of music (‘Our Sovereign God‘, ‘One Thing’,’Jesus Is Lord’ and ‘The Lord Is a Warrior -feat. Shai Linne).

–       An uncompromised expression of the traditional fundamental theological values of the last century, expressed through a post-modern challenge of the religious status quo (‘It Is Finished’, ‘This Changes Everything’, ‘What Are We Waiting For’, and ‘Stay Away From Jesus’).

–       A subtle blend between reverence for the sacred and rebellion against meaningless traditions (‘O Fount Of Love’, ‘Amen’, and ‘Stay Away From Jesus’).

If you are a worship leader looking for new material for Sunday morning, you will find lots of great ideas in this cd.
If you like music to ‘just listen to’ while you read or relax, you will like this album.
If you enjoy meaningful, poetic, deep lyrics that challenge your creative introspection of life, you will find this production very provoking and inspiring.
If you are a rocker at heart and –like me, banged your head at the beat of the 80’s and 90’s long haired dude bands, you will like this album’s classic –yet original approach to hard-bit.
If you get inspired with battle cries for victory, heavy electric guitars and solemn epic calls to action in a practical relevant way of living, you will definitely get some goose bumps hearing this masterpiece.
If you are into more alternative lyrics and sounds that are ‘cool’ while carrying some message, guess what!, this is for you.
If you looooove Spurgeon, Wesley, Finney and the great theologians of old and you find yourself missing some of their depth in today’s Christian musical renditions, I can guarantee you, you will be pleasantly surprised with this production.

Some of my favorite lines and sounds:

–      Our Sovereign God’: will make you feel almost invincible!
–      It Is Finished: One of my favorites. “Hell was silenced when You cried It is Finished”; “The earth shook and trembled , the sun bowed it’s head…the keys of the kingdom were placed into hands of children and priests and of fishers of men…”
–      This Changes Everything’: Another great one. “did I miss something? was I not supposed to cry? did they hear the preacher, “Jesus is alive”?…”
–       ‘What Are We Waiting For: “He says Go, take the news to every nation, We say no, you know I just don’t feel called…so what are we waiting for? A message in the sky? A miracle, a sign from up above, is not His word enough?…”
–      Have I Forgotten’: Great music masterpiece that plays with the slow and powerful
–      Stay Away From Jesus’: “So if you want a comfy life, if your works are good enough, if in control you have to stay, if you’re happy in your stuff and if 10%’s enough, Stay away from Jesus”
–      The Lord Is a Warrior (feat. Shai Linne)’: Great epic song –anther favorite, hat combines heavy sound with a rap bridge; very cool indeed!
–      O Fount Of Love’: An awesome hymn that I had never heard but came to love since I heard it first while visiting Summit RDU
–       The Glory Of God’: Powerful lyrics, cool sound and at the end, the music and choruses in the background as you hear some preacher making some powerful statements (John Piper I believe), you got to hear it!!

To buy the album please click here from itunes, Amazon or at Matt Papa’s website.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I was deciding whether or not to buy the album, and your review tipped me over the line 🙂 Thanks!

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