Thoughts about my 1st 4th as a US citizen

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Business and career, Holidays, Life, Politics

People sacrificed and died for this land’s freedom.
People still sacrifice and die just for a chance to make it to this land of freedom and opportunities.
It’s been said that this nation is in the top 10% of income, quality of life and opportunities
It’s been said also that success happens when preparation meets opportunity
and we have opportunities here.

Freedom then, is not being able to do whatever you want, but the ability and responsibility to do as much as you can to succeed. Freedom and success , seems to depend on the preparation and hard work of each individual. Not luck, not handouts or government assistance, not fate, but individual’s initiative to make the most of what we have -much or little; who we are, what we do. Millions upon millions of people in the world wish they had and were where we are; and we are here, by the Grace of God.

Happy Independence Day!!


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