Why should we care about Israel?

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Life, Me and God, Me and people, Politics, The Bible, The Church

Whether you know about Israel, news and politics, or whether you don’t know or don’t care anything about Israel and its role in the geopolitical environment in today’s world, I strongly recommend investing an hour in listening to this message (recorded last Sunday) from one of my favorite Bible teachers (Jon Courson). It may help you to understand, learn, review, agree –or perhaps disagree, or at the very least consider, what your position could or should be about Israel and the Middle East conflict from a historical and Biblical perspective.

Believe me, for any American and/or Christian, this is much more relevant, real and consequential than the infamous “May 21st Rapture and Judgment Day” fiasco.

(These links are for online streaming audio or video)

  1. Audio: mms://media.joncourson.com/topical/T474.wma
  2. Video: mms://media.joncourson.com/topical/T474.wmv
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