After Judgment Day, Evaluation Day.

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Evangelism, Me and God, Me and people, Politics, Science, The Bible, The Church

If you are reading this post, it is of course already passed the famous May 21st Judgment Day. There are three potential scenarios:

  1. Something DID happen and I am gone. Please, feel free to take my special Starbucks coffee from the kitchen table, my guitars, watches and my recently repaired/updated SUV. Sorry I didn’t leave much.
  2. Something DID happen and you still saw me driving around. That means I was left behind; I was somewhere wrong in my theology …so , please don’t talk to me, I am depressed and confused; just leave me alone.
  3. [what is most likely to be the case] NOTHING happened. If so, by this time tweeter, Facebook and news media are being flooded with “nah nah nah nah nah”’s, bashing and mockery against Christians.

The irony is that some bloggers including one at and other media, predicted a few days ago that this ‘event’ (or lack of thereof) would cause to Christianity a huge black eye. And they were right, weren’t they.

Let’s use this uneasy and unpleasant situation to remember a few key points that may save us, as individuals, from giving more black eyes to Christianity and the name of Christ.

–       You could be wrong. Although the truths and events (past and future) from the Bible are undeniable and certain, we are to keep ourselves humble and open to the possibility that we may, just may have understood it wrong at some points. We could have the wrong interpretation, the wrong data, the wrong translation, the wrong whatever… There is a balance between standing strong in what believe while acknowledging the possibilities of our weaknesses and limitations. God never fails, God’s word never errs –we can, we often do.

–       Be dogmatic in what matters most. If you give 100% to defend a political candidate or a scientific finding or a tv series episode –and you happen to be wrong, everything else you say will be compromised. Your credibility is at risk when the same weigh you give to “Jesus rose from the dead” is given to ”The KJV is the ‘true’ word of God” or if the same weigh you give to “Jesus is coming back”, you give to “I know Jesus will come tomorrow”. Anyone can say, “If you were wrong about his coming, you most be wrong about his resurrection, his existence and his word as well.”

–       We are not all the same. In spite of the fact that a few doctors have left scissors and towels inside patients during surgery to be discovered years later,  we all still go to the doctor as they, on-and-all, can save our lives. Some of us Christians are more or less crazy than others but it doesn’t deny the reality of God’s existence, the longing for spiritual fulfillment everybody experiences, the express words from Jesus that He is the only one who can fulfill those needs and the admonition that one day He will come back to earth as He did 2,000 years ago, this time to radically change things and give everyone what they deeply desire: forever with Him or forever without Him.

  1. Scott says:

    Well said…great insight! Hope no one took your car.

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