Would you believe me if I told the future?

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Me and God, Science, The Bible

Let’s say that I come up with the crazy idea that I am not who you all think I am.
Let’s say that I come up with the idea that I actually come from a different dimension in time and space -a planet, a place thousands of years far away. What if I claimed to be a man from the future?
What if  I claimed to know how this planet was really formed and why things work the way they do and even how is everything going to end.

Would you believe me? Probably not… but

What if I said that I can prove I come from the future by telling the future? what if I said that I can prove I come from a timeless place and dimension by telling you -in advanced, what the news paper will read next week; and it happens exactly as I said? What if I predict even the most unlikely scenarios and craziest events, and they do come to happen? Would you believe me then?

This week I came across just another one of many interesting facts that remind us that this kind-of actually happened. Of course, not me, but there was one -a few hundred years ago, who claimed to be from a ‘different place and time’

He dared to say that he could prove who he said he was, by telling what would happen before it happened. The big question is, if he was right, would you listen to everything else he has to say about the world, about the universe and most important, about you?

A few years ago, some archeologist found a rock buried deep inside a historical place. After scientists and smarter people than you and me did their tests, they came to the conclusion that this rock come from 100-200 bc.

The interesting thing is that the rock claims that someone would come in the future (a couple of hundred years later) and die and resurrect from death “for the sins of the world” -does the story sound familiar?
Just if it wasn’t enough, many other manuscripts found which date 100-400 bc claim as well about this character who would come. With great specificity about the time, the place, the city, the conditions and the family this man would be part of. Not only that but also details about his life, and of course how he would die… and resurrect.

And it happened. You know who -Jesus of Nazareth. Not the fancy fable fairy tale. far-removed from real life you may imagine, but the one who historians still talk about today. Was he who he claimed he was?

Well, he dared saying that he could prove it by telling the future: “Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am God” (John 13:19 and 14:29)

Some claim that up to 2/3rds of the Bible’s contents are  ‘prophecy’ -understood as ‘fore-telling of events not occurred at the time of its writing’. If this is true; if God does exist and is behind the inspiration of the Bible; if Jesus is God as He claims, what does that mean for you and me today?

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