“It is finished” and other top moments this weekend.

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Me and God, Me and people, Music, The Bible, The Church

I’m thankful that I rarely have to work on weekends. This past weekend was one of the few weekends I work all year. Although being out of town on a weekend means missing time with my bride, my kids and my church family, I took advantage of my time away.  Since my assignment was in Fort Bragg, NC, I visited some family -whom I had never met.

A few months ago, I met Raudel at a church planters conference and, this weekend, I had the opportunity to visit his church, Summit Church, in Raleigh NC. On Saturday, I visited their Spanish service, and it was awesome!. At times I felt very emotional b/c it reminded me of my old church back in Colombia, where I attended as I grew up and through my teenage years. There is something about singing and talking with people who speak your language, know your customs, and who like the same food you do. (I imagine that is what Heaven is going to be like). Though we lived in different cities, we worshiped the same Father; we were family though we had never met.

On Sunday, I went to Summit Church and worshiped in the new BC South auditorium where Matt Papa led worship -it was just awesome! Again, there is something about hundreds of  -mostly college-age people, coming together to listen to good, solid Bible teaching and giving themselves freely away in worship.  Then J.D. Greear gave a fantastic message that you may want to check-out (click here). A little apologetics surrounded with good fundamental doctrine, covered with lots of application and fun stuff; way to preach the Gospel in today’s day and age!

Finally, and with all that, undoubtedly, what marked the weekend for me in a strange  and  profound way, was singing with Summit this new song from Matt Papa called “It is Finished”. Nothing particularly new in terms of theology or wording. However, the way the lyrics are put together or the way it was performed… or something, made it an almost inexplicable moment of personal worship experience. You can buy it here; in the meantime, check out this video, and get ready!:

  1. […] Of Love’: An awesome hymn that I had never heard but came to love since I heard it first while visiting Summit RDU –       ‘The Glory Of God’: Powerful lyrics, cool sound and at the end, the music […]

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