Revival coming up?

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Me and God, Me and people, The Church

One of the topics i am always passionate about reading is when revivals happened in history. ‘Revival’ not meaning the special week long series of meetings at a local church with a special guest or speaker but as the unusual awakening of interest in the things of God by believers and non-believers with effects that transcend local churches, communities, cities and even nations.


This week, I read two very interesting blogs about this very topic:

Rainy Wednesday Blog

[…Awesome things are going on at Graystone Church!  … people are repenting, lives are being changed, and we are expecting God to continue to shower His blessings upon us….]


How To Know What Real Revival Looks Like

[…proofs that God mustbe at work…:

  1. People lovingly raise their esteem of the biblical Jesus, displayed in the gospel.
  2. The movement pushes back against sin and Satan’s hold on people’s lives.
  3. People revere the Bible with a settled conviction that it is God’s truth.
  4. People receive and are helped by sound theology, even though it means they have to change.
  5. People grow in love for Christ and in loving humility toward one another…]


Read them, get inspired, pray boldly for it, and let’s see what happens…

  1. […] 12th, Graystone Church will come together for a day of unified corporate prayer and fasting for awakening in our community. We can define awakening as a unique supernatural –yet very natural move of […]

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