Thursday midnight download

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Business and career, Life

– It feels like I havent blogged in… like… years.
– I just copied the ‘download’ tittle from my pastor.
– I needed a break from typing a contract I am working on… but will get back to it in a few minutes…
– I have missed reading Jon Acuff’s blog recently.
– I had a good couple of work days in Washington DC this week but I am glad to be back home with my family.. specially my bride!
– I read a great piece (Navigating the Emerging Church | The Resurgence) and listened to a great related sermon on, not only how to identify the differences between some flavors of beliefs but more important, why the church exists. You can check it out by clicking on this Resurgence  link
– I  cant wait to hear and learn from Jonathan this Sunday at Graystone as we continue with the series on The Holy Spirit
– I am pumped seeing my brothers from the men’s group, growing spiritually and taking so seriously the call to be disciples !

– And finally, top six reasons why today was a very good day:

  • I had a little breakfast date with my bride.
  • My company was awarded with a government contract that we had been working on for two or three years, woohoo!!
  • Without requesting it, I realized that my car insurance premium went down 30%; Thank you Father!!
  • My little 9-month old baby girl, for the first time looked at me and said “da-da”!
  • Exciting plans for Easter at the Hope Center
  • We ended up spending a whole less money that we had expected on some car and house maintenance stuff. Again, God provides for some, with miraculous checks in the mail or gifts from strangers; in our case, God provides by decreasing our obligations 🙂


…and now, back to work!


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