Born Identity

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Life, Me and God, Me and people, Parenting, The Bible, The Church

Somewhere in London, there was a student of Economics at the Polytechnic of Central London. As any other student, he was busy with grades, papers and a part time job to pay the bills. Thought there were ups and down in his studies and his job, he was not totally consumed by these challenges. Deep in his heart, he was wholly committed to a more profound goal: the liberation of the Palestinians, the promotion of socialism and to stop the expansion and control of capital imperialism of the West. Though sometimes he didn’t make much money and even got bad grades, he knew that ultimately his allies and supporters from Iraq and other Muslim countries would always take care of his needs. He, ‘Carlos’ also known as “the Jackal”,  was an ‘asset’, ‘operative’ or ‘covert agent’ whos particular skills, connections and knowledge had been considered to place him in a special ‘role’ in European society to accomplished a much complex and –for him, significant goal.

Somewhere in the Washington DC area, there was a regular upper class middle-age couple. Kendall, the husband, worked as a European analyst in the State Department, a typical office job in the Capital Beltway. As any working American family, they also dealt with the struggles, ups and downs of the economy, traffic, family etc. However, they also had a far more critical objective in their lives. By utilizing their academic upbringing, influence, friends and job assignments, Kendall and Gwendolyn were actually spies for the Cuban government and their undercover mission was to ‘live a normal life’ while feeding information back to Cuba about U.S. foreign policy operations and policies. Like Carlos, they did their best in their 9-5 jobs, as neighbors and citizens. However, they knew ultimately their people in Havana, would take care of their financial needs as they fulfilled their temporal mission.

Somewhere in the busy and smoggy streets of the 3rd world, in Bogota, Colombia, there is a taxi driver who has to deal with the struggles of getting up early in the morning to get enough customers in his cab to pay the rent, go out with his wife and find time to play soccer with his kids. He is a middle-aged dark skin, big-belly regular working class guy. Nevertheless, just as you may have guessed, he actually ‘lives’ this taxi driver life just as a ‘role’. Because of his multilingual skills, and his informal education in political sciences, Mario was recruited by the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency to ‘be’ within the Colombian society and gather information about events and people whom, in some way, could affect the political stability of the region. Mario works hard, however, he too knows that ultimately, the CIA will be taking care protecting him and providing for his needs.

Finally, somewhere in United States, there’s a student, a salesman, a teacher, a stay-home-mom. They live just the regular American life; get up in the morning, prepare for tests, make cold-calls, control the class-room, change the diapers. They deal with the economy, unemployment, lay-offs, loneliness, increasing cost in medical insurance, credit cards, the car breaking down, kids softball games, sickness, marital struggles and so on. However, that’s not what they are all about. Though they work hard to make ends meet and to be the best student, salesman, teacher or stay-home-mom they can be, they know that this is just a ‘temporal role’. They have been strategically placed in this kind of life so that, utilizing their unique academic training, life experiences, job background, friendships and connections, they can also serve a higher purpose –a much higher goal. They are not anti-capitalist militants, they are not socialist or democracy operatives; the goal of their ‘covert role’ is not the destabilization of a human government or the promotion of a philosophy. They have been strategically placed in their ‘lives’ to accomplish an ever more important and far-reaching objective: To save people’s lives. To be vehicles that bring the true life –eternal life and life in abundance on earth to anyone and everyone they come across with: their school-mates, neighbors, co-workers, family; everyone needs this life, and they have it to give it away.

As with the other ‘assets’ or ‘agents’ they also work hard for a living but they ultimately KNOW –and sometime need to be reminded, that this is a temporal assignment. That soon they will be brought back home where they belong. That their boss, the real commander, can and will take care of all of their needs, whether through a paycheck, a coupon or an unexpected gift. He will also take care of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They are born again, they belong to another nation, their passion, their zeal, their heart, their citizenship is in Heaven.

  1. naterector says:

    nice! love this take. are you sure you’re not a colombian spy?

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