Has God left you alone in the middle of the storm?

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Me and God, The Bible

This has been a very interesting week for me. My firstborn lost his first tooth and my baby daughter began to almost-crawl. I know, I’m getting old, but I still enjoy listening to Skillet, United, Group1Crew and the like. (I am older than I feel, older than I think I am). Anyway, another very interesting and very notorious event this week, related to how God miraculously provided for a specific need –a big need in our family. It was a big reminder that God is watching us through the storm.

STORM 100: As we’ve been digging through and reading the Gospel of John with the Graystone family and men’s fellowship group, my attention was caught by the passage in chapter 5 in which a man crippled for 38 years is healed by Jesus. A while after, Jesus finds him in the temple and tells him: “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” Apparently, this man may have gotten his illness as the result of sin. We don’t know this for sure in this particular case, but we do know very clearly from other passages that we reap what we sow. Sin will bring about death; death of marriages, death of friendships, death of financial stability etc. Many of the hardships and problems and storms we go through are due and result of sin -disobedience to God’s principles or plain simple stupid decisions we’ve made. And, in all honesty,   I think part of what I am going through right now is result of bad decisions in the past.

STORM 101: In John chapter 6, we have the episode of Jesus walking on the water (along with Peter) after the disciples were fearing and trembling through a huge storm. However, this was not the first storm of this kind they were in. Back a few months earlier, we had another instance in which the disciples were also in another fiery storm (Mathew 8:23-27; Mark 4:36-41; Luke 8:23-25). In this scene, the disciples –many of them professional fishermen by the way,  were terrified at the raging seas and winds and woke Jesus up to tell Him more or less “Hey Jesus, sorry for interrupting your nap, but we thought you would want to know that we are in a storm and we’re all gonna die!”. Perhaps you’ve been in that place. When you feel like God is sleeping through your problems. You know He is there, but not doing much to help. The story goes on, when immediately; Jesus gets up and stops the storm. This is what some would call STORM 101; when you are going through the trial and you know Jesus is with you. In some ways I feel I am there right now. I think of myself as one very privileged with not many real hard problems to face, just a couple of things in my life get remotely close to the ‘storm’ definition, they are small problems..kind-of-like a storm, but I know God has been there for us providing every step of the way always.

STORM 102: Well, that, the storm where you know Jesus is in the boat with you, is STORM 101, but what about the storms where you don’t see Him? That’s what happened to the disciples in John chapter 6. They are in the middle of the Sea of Galilee facing yet another storm, but this time Jesus is not with them –they are scared and disheartened and their Master is nowhere to be found. Have you been there? Have you felt God has completely left you alone with your problem? That’s what I felt at some point a couple of weeks ago, that’s what I think the disciples felt here. But, there is a caveat; we have read the chapter, they hadn’t. We know more of the story than they knew at that point. By reading the chapters and the other gospels reports, we learn that they were in this storm because Jesus told them to go (Matthew 14:22); they were in this because they had obeyed Him, and sometimes we get in troubles and trials just because we obey Him and do His will. Indeed Jesus promised that in this world we would find tribulation and would be persecuted for His name (John 16:33; Matthew 5:10-12). Upon examination, I have concluded that part of what we as a family are going through is because we are being faithful to obey what God impressed in our hearts and the setting of priorities and decisions we’ve made following His Word.

Another detail we learn upon putting the four Gospels together, is that not only Jesus sent them into the lake and ultimately to the storm, but He was also –all the time, watching them from afar and praying for them (Mark 6:46 and 48). Sometimes we don’t see Him but, fear not, He is there, looking after us praying, for us (Rom 8:34) and will never let go. This week I discovered a ‘problem’ I would have had to face if God had not miraculously and sovereignty provided a few weeks ago. It was like someone giving you a nice boat (ohh, thanks!) and then two weeks later a flood hits your city. God knew and provided even before I knew I needed it. –and believe Him, He is watching you and praying for you.

Stay tuned for STORM 201….

  1. This one is really good, Luis. We are studying John right now too at church. It is amazing to really dive in and envelop ourselves in the daily life of Jesus.

  2. Scott says:

    Great post Luis… thanks for sharing your heart!

  3. Sean Franklin says:

    Hey brother, thank you for sharing your brilliant insight. Your words this week have really hit home with me as my family battles many of the enemy’s afflictions. Thanks so very much for your uplifting words. Its a pleasure to know you and your beautiful, Godly family!

  4. You guys are certainly the kind of ‘extra-nice’ friends anyone would want to have 🙂

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