Top 10 songs of 2010

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Music

We watch music videos on t.v. all day.  We listen to music in the van, in my car, we are a music family…. so…

Here is the Top 10 songs played at the Valenzuela house in 2010:


10. Your Love Never Fails – Chris Quilala / Jesus Culture

9. Jesus is My Superhero – H-Kids

8. Today is The Day – Lincoln Brewster (Gabriel’s favorite)

7. Your Name High – Hillsong United (Carmen’s favorite)

6. Movin’ – Group1Crew

5. The One Who Saves – Hillsong (I saw them live this year)

4. Forgive Me – Group1Crew (Angie’s favorite)

3. Undivided – Hillsong United

2. Music – Manic Drive


…and the most played, sung and danced by the family:

1. NY2LA – PressPlay



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