2011: Fight the giants

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Business and career, Life

I was thinking about the message this morning at Graystone church. Asking God to bless us and expand our territory…. Including our businesses. It is a good thing to ask God to bless us and help us with our jobs or careers or businesses.

I was also thinking about David when he was about to fight Goliath –the famous story from the Old Testament (1 Samuel 17). David ended up defeating the giant who was like 9ft tall and armed to his teeth. David killed this giant who often times is used to represent our problems or challenges… in this particular application, we could say our Goliath is any problem a work, or unemployment or the competition or our new sales quotas or whatever challenge we have for 2011 in our career, job or business environment.

I believe a good key for David’s success and something I want to apply in my life this year, is the fact that he picked 5 smooth stones. Why 5 stones? Why not 3 or 12 or just 1? Perhaps the answer is found in 2 Samuel 21. Apparently, Goliath the giant had 4 other brothers and as we read in this passage, David and his men went on and killed them as well.

Though David, as he was about to confront Goliath, was facing one giant, he was prepared to killed all 5 and so he did. Likewise, It may be a god idea to apply for the one job we want but also for four more; I may be a god idea to strive to achieve the company’s goals -and even higher; it may be a good idea to meet our bosses expectations and even exceed them.

It’s been said that success happens when opportunity meets preparation. Furthermore, it’s been said: “Plan for great things only if you have a great God”.


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