The best Christmas gift so far

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Christmas, Evangelism, Holidays, Me and God, Me and people

This year, I received one of the best Christmas gifts ever, and I’m going to tell you the story on a ‘Memento style‘:

On Christmas Eve night…

… my family and I were living the Christmas family tradition of opening the gifts before midnight (on the 24th). At some point I received a text message that enlightened the occasion with even more ‘Christmas spirit’ and ever filling joy

Earlier also on Christmas Eve…

…I had had the opportunity to share a message at the first Graystone’s Christmas Spanish service. It was just awesome. We had about 70 or 80 people in the room, Christmas/worship music and a swell great time. Most of these people had been invited and brought from a nearby neighborhood called Gwinnett Estates…

For the last 2 years…

…hundreds of people from Graystone church have been giving their time, money and resources in helping this low-income community where the predominant population is made out of Mexican-immigrants. Week in and week out, volunteers of all trades and ages come to help with a variety of activities like English classes, school tutoring & homework assistance, haircuts, clothe-drives, aerobics and sports Camp. All of these activities are done from a trailer in the neighborhood that the church acquired and now is called “The Hope Center”; it is our little “mission trip” opportunity happening every week without having to hop on an airplane.

What did the text say?

That day, a the Christmas Eve service and as a result of all the hard work of so many volunteers throughout the year, the community responded and 9 people expressed their decision for Christ!; 9 people no longer walking in darkness; 9 people no longer bound to hell; 9 people who were born from death to life and will now enjoy here on earth the life in abundance that Jesus promised and the Eternal life He paid for. 9 people whose eternal destinies changed… because of you, Graystoners!!, because of the work of God done through your hands and feet.

What an awesome Christmas gift!!







  1. Praise God! That is so awesome!

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