“Women are afraid to be women because guys don’t know how to be men”.

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Christmas, Holidays, Leadership

This morning as I was getting ready to work doing my daily media routine (Twitter, CNN, FoxNews, SCL etc) , I saw a guy friend’s Facebook status that read: “I think women are afraid to be women sometimes”, to which a woman followed commenting: “You’re probably right. Course, I think guys don’t know how to be men sometimes.” What a comeback! Great right-back-at-you-type of response.

This interchange reminded me of a variety of topics that from time to time pop up in my mind: What ever happened to the image of men as the courageous, strong, protective, conqueror, leading type of person? Why is it that most TV men roles are depicted as weak, silly, dumb, clueless –usually led by the smart, mature know-what’s-going-on wife? Don get me wrong, I don’t have anything against strong smart women –my wife is very well developed in her career life, very smart, better blogger than me and all of that, as she stays home as a mom. No problem with achieved women, I just think that men were created to lead, serve and protect women and I’m pretty sure women would like it that way.

Perhaps, just perhaps –and I’m no expert, some women have decided to take the lead in light of the lack of leadership of men; perhaps some men have lacked in leadership in light of some women’s fearless attitude of taking the initiative to lead. Perhaps less single women would be single against their wishes if they let guys take the initiative or followed their lead when they ask them out and try to get to know them. Perhaps less single guys would be single if they had the guts to ask girls out and get to know them in a Godly way. Perhaps, if more husbands loved their wives and served them sacrificially as Christ’s serves the church, then their wives would respect them as The Man” of the house; Loving like Jesus loves his bride the church, takes some …. manhood!

The Christmas ‘hook’… of course!

Finally, perhaps if we looked at Christmas as more than a round-belly red-dressed guy who gives gifts; or skinny guys wearing green tights; or a defenseless and -to some extent manipulable-to-our-desires baby Jesus… and instead, if we looked at Christmas more as the ultimate act of love, sacrifice and courage in which the king and creator of the universe gave it all up to become one of us, just for love, true sacrificial love, then perhaps we guys may be encouraged to follow His example of true love and true sacrifice.

Perhaps if we consider that the baby Jesus didn’t stay a little controllable baby but that He grew up to be a man who overturned tables as sign of displeasure with religiosity, a man who opposed to the wrong with good, a man that gave His life to preach the ultimate message of hope, freedom and salvation, then we guys may focus on being man in what really counts.

Perhaps if we remember that this baby Jesus grew up an fulfilled His biggest purpose, defeating the powers of darkness triumphing over them in the cross forever, it would inspire us men, to know that our leader and model is the man of men, a man of war, a triumphant victor who has given us His victory to us.

  1. Angela says:

    preach it!!

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