Playing the odds (Part 1)

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Me and God, Parenting, The Bible

“Playing the odds” is a simple three-part-blog-entry that attempts to learn from history, for the ultimate benefit of my kids… -and myself.

Thought provoking concerning stats:

Are you represented in these statistics?

  • On a study by The Pew Forum, evangelical Protestants scored an average of 7.3 correct answers out of 12 questions about Christianity – including a battery of questions about the Bible.
  • “Christians said they do best at “relationships”, worst in Bible knowledge”. A combine average of 78% of surveyed say to be below average or average in general knowledge of The Bible (Barna Study 2005)
  • “Many Americans draw theological beliefs from diverse points of view and personal opinions –even though such views can be easily demonstrated as un-Biblical (Barna Group 2002) and “Americans Are Most Likely to Base Truth on Feelings (Barna Group 2002)
  • “…When current statistics are compared to those of a decade ago … Bible reading (down from 45% to 37%); …and adult Sunday school attendance (down from 23% to 19%)”. (Barna Group 2001)

Are your kids likely to become one of these statistics?

  • 88% of church-going youth, end up leaving their faith through/after their college years (The Southern Baptist Convention’s Family Life Council study in 2002 )
  • 70% of Christian youth leave their faith when in college… (LifeWay Research study in 2007)
  • Other studies suggest different but similar numbers for the desertion of 18-25 age group from church throughout different times, geographical areas and sample groups (66% – Assembly of God study, 61% – Barna study in 2006
  • 52% of college students reported frequent church attendance the year before they entered college but only 29% continued frequent church attendance by their junior year. (“Spirituality in Higher Education”:  The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA)
  • About 40-50% of students in youth groups struggle in their faith after graduation.” (College Transition Project:  The Fuller Youth)
  • “Church attendance “drops during the teen and young adult years.” (“The Religiosity Cycle”:  A 2002 Gallup Poll)
  • Only 4 percent of teenagers will be “Bible-believing Christians” as adults (New York Times, “Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers”, October 6, 2006)

What to do in order to “beat the odds”?

Does this chart help us to identify a potential answer?

Image teens


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