Sex is good

Posted: November 5, 2010 in love, Me and God, Me and people, Sex

Sex is good (Now, that’s a catchy title, isn’t?)

One of the areas in my life where I know I need improvement, is… (No, I’m not going to say ‘sex’) eating.

I know the right and healthy way to take care of this body God gave me is to nurture it with balanced meals three times a day. However, although I do pay a lot of attention to eating healthy and no much junk food at all, I have to confess that sometimes I don’t eat as ‘on-time’ as I should.

I could blame it on work primarily and business of life in general. Particularly when I am traveling, much to my shame, eating seems to take a second –or third –or fourth place… get out of the house early, head to the airport, security gate, flight.. land, car rental.. meetings.. and when I least expect it, I hear a voice and feel a pain: “FEED ME!!!” – my stomach, my body, raise an alert, a reminder –justifiable so, that I must take care of my physical needs. I don’t know how much of a consensus I can find in this pattern of not eating until I feel hungry.. is it just me or is it safe to say that many –perhaps most would probably skip a meal or two or three if it wasn’t for the biological alert of being hungry.

Now, you wonder, what about the sex? Weren’t you going to blog about sex?

Yes, I mention this because I wonder if there is a connection between food and sex. I wonder about the accuracy of a few parallels:

  1. Hunger is the morally neutral God given desire to satisfy the physical need for food. If left without the ability to feel hunger, would we leave ourselves to starve  death in the busyness of life.. or almost close? In the same way, sex, is –as a general definition, the morally neutral (not inherently a sin) God given desire to satisfy the physical need for intimacy and reproduction. If we didn’t feel the need for sex, would we inadvertently let our species to go extinct?
  2. Everybody –living creature, and us humans, need to eat. It is not a sin, it is just the way we were wired. In the same way, everybody needs sex –it is not a sin either, it is just the way were wired by our creator.
  3. A tender sirloin NY strip steak is unequivocally the best entry anyone can have –the best dinner treat anyone can give me, BUT, if you give one of those to the wrong person at the wrong time or in the wrong way, (i.e. 2 month baby, religious person from India, patient recovering from esophagus surgery) you can end up in a whole lot of troubles. In the same way, the sexual act of intercourse or a intimate act, can be very, very, good.. or, it can give you a whole lot of troubles if done with wrong person, at the wrong time or in the wrong way

As pleasant and satisfactory as it is to eat a delicious steak at a fine restaurant, it is -and way better, to have sex (both in the physical and intimate aspects) within the safe parameters God gave us (spouse, marriage etc). He gave us the desires because it is GOOD, we need it, for marriage building, reproduction and even couple fun!,

I shall finish my sandwich at 40,000ft as I fly back to Atlanta while listening to part two of “What Intimacy Requires” (Very good recommendation from Jennifer Howes’ blog )

  1. covetedlife says:

    Obviously you missed me. LOL

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