I believe in politics

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Me and people, Politics

Some people say that they don’t believe in God; my answer is that God is similar to gravity, you may not ‘see’ it, but whether you ‘believe’ it or not, it will affect you.

I am not attempting to make politics equal to God; I do believe that no matter who is in power, God is in control of what happens in my life and He is ultimately the ones who gives power and authority (Rom 13). With that being said, there is a similarity here. You may not ‘believe in politics’. You may have grown disillusioned with all the back-room deals, ethics scandals, negative attacks and lies that don’t seem to stop, the he-said-she-said that who-knows-who-said-what-situations ALL coming from and towards people in BOTH parties. You may think that the media outlets are biased and none of them is “Fair & Balanced” (No fox intended :)). It is very difficult to find a person who objectively and accurately reports the facts without ‘spin’. Unfortunately, so often, facts and statistics can be truly reported but conveniently presented ‘in parts’ to accommodate ones point of view

However, the bottom line is, politics exists –that is the influence it has on our day-to-day lives is undeniable.

You pay the taxes, you are expected to abide by the laws, your kids are going to be influenced by what is decided, your finances, social life, family, everything (or most of it) is affected in one way or another by the decisions that are made by the politicians we the people put in power. Often, you won’t agree 100% with what this or that candidate stands for, has done or the people he/she associates with. However, someone will occupy that decision seat and it’s up to you and me to have a say on who that person is -by voting, perhaps even if it ends up being a toss-up between the best of two ‘bads’.


So, tomorrow, GET OUT and VOTE!!. In my opinion –and I could be wrong, a vote casted is not a 100% commitment or agreement with all of the candidate’s stands, philosophies and past deeds, but more of a “I chose you” out of the “two –or three available”; I chose the one whom I align with better, based on their philosophies and stands in policy, moral issues, track record etc.

It is up to you, Politics matter, whether you accept it or not, whether you participate or not.



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