birthday thoughts so far….

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Me and people

– It appears that Echoing Angels (or at lest some of it’s band members) are playing tomorrow at Graystone Church; Thank you guys (Jonathan, Heath etc); I knew you would want to make my birthday weekend very special 🙂

– I am realizing that I am older than I want to think; older than I believe to be…

– A friend of mine’s blog is called “Ramblings of a Quarter-Life Christian“; I was thinking, if I followed that theme, this blog would be something like “Thoughts of a Half-life Latin Christian with accent”

– My wife is the best; she is sooooo goood..

– My life is a living testimony of how God can love and give to somone who definetely doesn’t deserve it; He loves me

– Some people go to concerts for their birthdays; I am going to as well…….going to rock it tonight at 12Stones Church

…the party goes on…


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