Beaten by an Atheist; healed by a Muse

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Me and God, Me and people, Science, The Bible

Early this week, I contributed to a threat of messages on a Christian blog forum that ended up where I had not expected -to the point of changing some of my previous beliefs.

After someone asked what it meant to “surrender” to God, I noticed many people giving answers in the lines of ‘what I feel’ and ‘God speaks to me through situations’ and so on. Although I agree God speaks like that sometimes, I find it dangerous to rely on feelings or subjective experiences alone when it comes to ‘following God’; rather we need to base our decisions on an absolute truth; The Word of God And then, whatever circumstances that match what we are told in The Bible, those we can assume to be also ‘directional signs’.  I often hear from logic-driven seekers that the worse reason a believer can give is: “I know God is real because I know it in my heart”…. Logic –based on unchanging truths, in my opinion, can play a role in supporting the ‘why God’ argument –and why I follow Him.

Therefore, I decided to write my contribution; my opinion was:

“…of all religions in the world, Christianity; and The Bible, is the only one that provides most certain evidences of truth: 77 different ancient writings written in a period of 1500 years in 3 different languages in 3 different continents by some 30+ authors coming from different socio-economical backgrounds, and, when you read and compare them, they foretell the future (some of it fulfilled between when it was written and now) and keep a unified story and message that gives answer to the 3 most important questions of humanity: Where do we come from; where are we going to, and what’s our purpose.

Sure you have scientists and historians that question one thing here and another there, but on and all, the Bible is much more scientifically and historically accurate than any other sacred book. So, with all that being said, there is no doubt in my mind that this book [The Bible] was orchestrated by a mind out of this human world and coupled with the many partial deductions and firm evidences that Jesus indeed existed and rose from the death, it is enough for me to believe all that is written in it. I don’t need a funny feeling in my skin to believe what The Bible says; that He [God] is real, wants to save me, leads me gives me power and is with me all the time until the end. Because of this, I submit or surrender my life to Him, which is for me: to obey and do according to what He wants me to.. Because He knows best.”

..and may I add: If I experience (or at least so I think) something supernatural (ie: a blue unicorn telling me to eat at The Varsity), but there is no ‘real’ thing supporting the actuality of this event, chances are, I need a psychiatrist or at the very least not to skip lunch. On the other hand, if I have a ‘supernatural experience’ that happens to make sense or agree with what The Bible says (ie: I prayed for healing and… no fracture showed up the next time I took an X-ray), THEN it is still possible that I need a psychiatrist or eat something, HOWEVER, it is MORE POSSIBLE that, based on all the arguments we made before, it is a real experience. The key is that all spiritual experiences must be validated by Biblical truths to be legit, whereas all Biblical truths are legit even in the absence of associated spiritual experiences.”

Would you agree? Would you disagree?

Because I don’t like posting blogs longer than 1 page, stay tuned for The background of the conversation…

  1. Jerry B says:

    I will kindly be partial to disagree with parts of this. I do believe that all things need to be backed by the Bible, but my experiences have been different.

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