“Beaten by an Atheist; healed by a Muse”; what I have come to conclude

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Me and God, Me and people, Science, The Bible

This is the final part of “Beaten by an Atheist; healed by a Muse” in which I share my observations of a ‘debate’ with an atheist on a Christian blog.

After a long process of giving and getting arguments with this ‘scientist’ (I’m taking him at his word), after feeling at times defeated and at times pumped; and after sitting down and consulting with my ‘muse’ (My beautiful, smart and God fearing wife) I have come to the following conclusions –some of them, concepts changed, out of this interchange:

  1. The Bible may not be “100% scientifically accurate” under today’s secular science standards. He was right. Under those, it may be more precise to say that “The Bible has hundreds –some even say thousands, of scientific truths that were not known or accepted so, even until a few years ago“. Also, The Bible records several events people and customs that were previously denied to ever have existed until recent discoveries which increased the probabilities about the historical richness and accuracy of The Bible”. Although neither of the previous statements conclusively prove the divine source of The Bible, and although some other books make similar claims, these two statements combined, and added to others do help to make the case for the consistent sum of theories that improve the possibilities for The Bible’s divine authorship.
  2. Though you can make the case that as Christians we can use also logic to explain certain things (No need to check your brain out at the church door), Christianity essentially is lived by faith –the believe of the reality of what is no seen; with this in mind, there are certain things that will never be understandable for a non-believer, as they don’t have the Holy Spirit to reveal the truths of the Holy Word (1 Cor 1:18)
  3. The fact that stories, similar to the ones found in the Biblical accounts, are found in other cultures, doesn’t disprove The Bible, to the contrary, it validates that we have a single source –God who has placed the same information in everyone’s paths.
  4. Although all of the previously mentioned ‘evidences’ help to make a logical case for the existence of God or the validity of The Bible, God has not instructed us –as far as I can remember, to base our faith on the number of prophecies fulfilled or scientific discoveries found in the Bible or whether or not this or that historical or biblical event is proven or dis-proven. The only event that conclusively and ultimately holds Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus from the death. Of this also, for logic sake, we don’t have scientific prove but a similar sum of evidences that though inconclusive on their own, together make a reasonable argument of possibility. Still, since not proven as a fact, it is, until everything is revealed, a matter of faith that holds together everything that we believe.

If God indeed raised Jesus from the death, then He –Jesus, was and is The Son of God as He claimed to be; everything Jesus preached is true, the New and Old Testament are inspired by God and even those things that do not make sense in light of today’s science and history, do and will one day be somehow explainable. If God raised Jesus from the death, anything else He did or inspired to be written, will one day make sense.

“…And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins” 1 Cor 15:17

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