Not a conspiracy, a war.

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Me and God, Me and people, Politics, The Bible

May this commemoration of the horrendous attack to The United States by extremists Muslims nine years ago, be a reminder to everyone –or even perhaps for some, a moment to consider for the very first time that:

we are at war.

Not a war against a religion that fundamentally contradicts most American’s religious views;

Not a war against a set of nations that seek to wipe out Israel and anyone who defends them;

Not a war against a book which happens to be full of historical and archeological flaws;

Not a war against a political party an affiliation of ideas or philosophy….

Far beyond all of these issues that occupy so much of our minds today, there is a truer, more consequential conflict and  with more horrifying effects than we can think of; all happening right in front of our noses; and often, in complete obscurity. Such strategy from the opposing camp is based on the clever strategy that the less you and I know or think of this war, the more defeat, losses and casualties we will experience… and the less effective in fighting back.

Wake up people! There is an enemy out to destroy us, to steal, kill and destroy you; one country, one city, one life at a time. Through subtle but effective weapons of mass destruction such as addictions, apathy, hunger of power and possessions, unlimited temporal pleasures, hate, war, illness, division, divorce and worst than all, doubts about the evident existence, unlimited power and unconditional love of God.

If you have encountered Jesus, you have the answer; you have the victory; you are in the ultimate winning side. Tell them about salvation -this is how you fight the good fight

If you have not, if you don’t believe or don’t care, do something about it. You don’t want to be a casualty of war without ever even knowing or acknowledging there was one.


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